Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fun With LOST Megos: Kate Arrives in 1977 Dharmaville

I have been having a blast customizing my LOST Megos.
I have mostly been following my friend Scott's lead,
reproducing the outfits and props shown on his blog

This is my first attempt on my own at a specific outfit for Kate.
She initially proved to be the most difficult on the
LOST figures to find a source for clothes.
Female Megos are not as prevalent
and wardrobe choices tend to be very character specific.
Then I discovered that some of the Bratz doll 
clothes fit the Megos nicely, thanks to my friend 
Rob Perrin and his blog entry that included a photo
of Kate in a Bratz dress. 

I started picked up assorted Bratz doll lots on eBay
and am in the process of assembling a nice assortment of 
clothes and accessories for Kate (and hopefully Juliet if
Wave 2 of the LOST Mego line has enough
pre-sales for Bif Bang Pow! to proceed with the July release.)

The first lot I purchased contained a pair of jeans and a top
that were a good match to Kate arriving in 1977 Dharmaville.

The top only needed minor alteration, just shortening and
hemming the sleeves. I had to remove all of the 
embellishment on the jeans and shorten them substantially.

I am really happy with the results:

I created the Welcome banner by printing out on a bumper sticker
and trimming to size. I took advantage of the adhesive backing to 
attach the banner to two dowels.

The lei is not accurate to the ones the new recruits received 
upon arrival to Dharmaville, but I wanted to have some
fun with it and create more of a homage to the REAL island, Hawaii.

I cut up a few silk flowers into small pieces and strung on dental
floss with seed beads as spacers. I like the ruffly effect that 
simulates flowers very effectively.

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