Thursday, July 10, 2014

Oceanic Carry-On Bag

I previously posted a photo of my
"Official" LOST Oceanic flight bag.

I have added the carry-on bag to my collection as well.

It is about twice the size of the flight bag,
and has zippered compartments on either end.

There are also pockets under the flap, on the
outside of the zippered main compartment.

I think this is my carry-on of choice for LOST 2014!
(the fan-gathering in Hawaii celebrating the 10 year anniversary
of the LOST pilot - more info here:

Monday, July 7, 2014

Tshirt in a Can

I received this Tshirt as a gift. 
I think it came from the LOST store...

I'll probably never know what the shirt 
actually looks like since I don't want
to open the can.

Sunday, July 6, 2014


I have made many posts about the fantastic
LOST designs that my friend Ian Knight (aka Zort70)
 has created.  His wine bottle design was chosen as one
 of the official logos of LOST 2014.

Another design that Ian submitted to the contest
was his take on a MacCutcheon label - LOSTified.

Ian made the design available on merchandise in his 
CafePress shop:

I initially ordered a pair of the drinking glasses.

 A group of LOSTies (many of whom shared two
condos during Comic Con 2011) gathered together
in Los Angeles the evening before the LOST
10 year reunion panel at Paleyfest for dinner
and drinks.  We were all surprised when Ian's 
design was presented to each of us on a shot glass
and actual miniature bottle of scotch.
Our friends Paul McQue and Ian had conspired
together to provide the group with these AMAZING gifts! 

We hammed it up for the camera, 
posing with our MacCutcheon...

My bottle and shot glass are displayed in a shadow box
along with my  two "Message in a Bottle" collector 
pieces and the Squirrel baby on Board sign.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Squirrel Baby On Board

I’ve wanted a *Squirrel Baby on Board* sign since I saw a photo 
of one in Wired Magazine. The photo accompanied an interview 
with Darlton during Season 6 and was taken in the LOST writers’ 
room. Someone had made a mockup of Squirrel Baby on the bulletin board.

I commissioned a Squirrel Baby sketch from Ryan Dunlavey a few 
years ago during his $10 commissions. I decided to use that image
for my Squirrel Baby on Board sign (yes, I obtained his 
permission) and asked Ian Knight to do the sign layout. 
(If I had any skill with anything like that, I would younger, 
taller, thinner, prettier in every photo you’ve ever seen of me.) 
He did a fabulous job and I am thrilled with the results!

The minimum order I could place was 250, so I am donating 225 
of the SBOB signs to Cancer Gets LOST as donation incentives 
during LOST 2014 in Hawaii. (They’ll be available for minimum 
$5 donation at the CGL event on 9/22/14) I kept the remaining
25 to send to some of the awesome and amazing friends I have
 made through LOST and LOST Args.

One hangs in the rear window of my car.

I have a second SBOB on display in my
"LOST Bottle" Shadowbox.

I asked my friends to send me photos of their 
Squirrel Baby On Board signs and made a collage
of the photos I've received to date.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

"Didn't Stick the Landing" by Tim Doyle

Tim Doyle's Unreal Estate III collection 
included a LOST print,
"Didn't Stick the Landing".

I loved it so much that I bought both the
 regular and variant versions.

I've only framed the variant as yet. My print is #5/50.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Original LOST "Message in a Bottle"

.....and speaking of Messages in a Bottle (last post)

I first saw a photo of a promotional "Message in a Bottle"
nine and a half years ago.
I don't know how many bottles washed up on beaches
to promote the premiere of LOST,
but I have been in search of one ever since seeing that photo.
The bottle had a single word printed on the outside
and held a special message inside.
I missed out on a few chances over the years 
to obtain a bottle due to pricing. 
I just couldn't justify spending that much money. 
But FINALLY, price, circumstance and obsession came together! 
It originally was found in Long Beach, CA.

The bottle is displayed in a shadow box along with
some other priceless LOST-related bottles.
(You can read about the Message in a Bottle on far right here.)

Posts about the other items in the shadow box coming up soon!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Messages From the Island: A Call Out to LOSTies

I am turning over this entry to share a lovely, heartfelt project 
 with any and all LOSTies who stumble across this post.
A friend came up with the idea and I encourage
everyone to show their love of LOST and Damon Lindelof
and participate!

When he suddenly left the Island (otherwise known as the Twitterverse) last year, Damon Lindelof definitely left a void in the (virtual) lives of Lostfans all over the world. This is a fan-driven project aimed at countering all the negativity that (presumably) contributed to his decision to leave!

The goal is simple: To fight hate with love. Are you dying to tell Damon how much you miss him? How much you love him and how awesome he is? Do you want to tell him that no matter how vocal those Twitter 'haters' may be, adoring and admiring fans easily outnumber them 4,815,162,342 to 1? Has the lack of his snappy comebacks to Fancy Feast's tweets turned you into a disgruntled dog lover? Or do you merely miss his obsession with Justin Bieber's yellow spikey hat? Here's your chance to send him a message of love and positivity!

Here's how it'll happen:

1) If you're game, tear a piece of regular letter-sized paper into half, and that one half will be your canvas. Write on it whatever you want to tell Damon. Pour your heart out. Include where you're from to let him know how geographically diverse his fan base is. Get creative - draw pictures, color it, or whatever else your muse inspires you to come up with... as long as it fits ONE half-piece of paper.

2) Mail your labor of love to:

Messages from the Island
P.O. Box 15032
Beverly Hills, CA 90209
United States of America

3) I will compile them, stuff them in a big bottle, and get the bottle to Damon.

4) Damon reads your messages. He feels all the love and support. He is overwhelmed to a bundle of joy-filled tears. Happiness will ensue. Unicorns and rainbows. All will be right in the world.

There will be absolutely NO NEGATIVITY in this bottle - I will screen each message before putting them in the bottle to make sure that it is 100% troll-proof!

Interested? Then get to work! PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD! Please get your messages to me by Wednesday March 12th, 2014. The bottle will be corked after that for delivery!

Thank you... Namaste, and good luck!


Messages from the Island was delivered to Damon Lindelof at Paleyfest!
From all accounts, he was thrilled. 

The founders of Cancer Get LOST: Jo Garfein and Jared Wong 
with Damon Lindelof and David Hanson-Currier
photo courtesy of Jared Wong