Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Message in a Bottle

I've finally acquired what is (for me) one of the
rarest and most coveted items of
LOST memorabilia for my collection!

ABC held a contest prior to Season 6 of LOST.
The winners each received a 
"Message in a Bottle".
The bottle contains a message rolled
into a scroll and tied with twine and a
2GB USB fail-safe key.
The bottles were a limited edition of only 815.

I did not win one of the bottles and have been
stalking each eBay listing for one ever since...over three years!
They usually sell for more than I was willing to pay.
But I finally won an auction a couple of weeks ago.

My first response upon opening the package was
"I thought it would be bigger!"
The bottle only stands about 7.5 inches tall.
I positioned it next to my Virgin Mary Statue for size comparison.
 I was also surprised that the bottle has such an amber
color.  I had only seen pictures of clear bottles and initially
thought it was discolored from smoke (monster?) or some other
pollutant.  But an internet search revealed that a number
 of the bottles were the amber color.

The USB fail-safe key is large and made of rubber. 
It contains the first five minutes of the Season Six Premiere.

Jacks' words are on the scroll.

I currently have the bottle displayed next to my Tawaret statue.

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