Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Desmond Action Figure!!! Woo Hoo!

I was disappointed
that neither McFarlane Toys nor Bif Bang Pow! 
released a Desmond Hume action figure.

so.......I took matters into my own hands:

I commissioned a Mego-sized (1:9 scale)
Desmond David Hume!!!

I made noise about commissioning a Desmond action figure
 for a couple of years. But that was all it was - talk and
wishful thinking.

The more fun I had customizing
my LOST Megos and Swan playset,
the more I realized that I HAD to make it happen!

So I contacted Ada Chan. She is an incredibly talented sculptor.
I previously purchased her mini-sculpts of Jack Shephard,
John Locke, Ben Linus, and Charlie Pace done in 1:6 scale.
And so the process began.

I emailed her multiple photos of 
Henry Ian Cusick as Desmond Hume.
I wanted my action figure to have moderate beard and
medium length hair, to better have him fit in all of the
flashback, flash forward, flash sideways scenarios.
This is primary "look" that the sculpt would be based on:

I also requested that a limited number of duplicate heads
be fabricated. I wanted to make sure that
my friends who owned the Swan Station Playsets
had their own Desmond action figures! 
And one was earmarked for Ian Cusick.
(Everyone should own their action figure likeness!)
Another Desmond action figure is to be donated to 
my charity of choice:  Cancer Gets LOST.
My favorite LOST character should raise a lot of money 
for such a worthy cause.

A few weeks after my initial request 
(and payment in full for original sculpt and duplicates),
I received photos of the preliminary sculpt for approval.

And about a week later, I received a photo
of the hand-painted version for approval.

I was over the moon with joy and excitement!!!

I didn't think it was possible to be any more thrilled
about ANYTHING until the action figure heads
arrived and I was able to assemble my
Desmond Action Figure!

The body was purchased from Classic TV Toys.
Desmond's jumpsuit was made by Theressa, a Mego seamstress.
I commissioned several jumpsuits when Wave 1
of the LOST Megos was first released. I added the
Dharma Swan patch to the jumpsuit.

Sooooooo much more to come.  I have spent the last few weeks
getting ready for Mego Desmond:
 making props, clothes, backdrops....
Moderation is not in my vocabulary.
Get ready to be Desmond-Spammed!

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