Monday, November 22, 2010

Alex Craft - "See You In Another Life, Brotha"

This painting is very special to me. It was done by my son Alex.
Alex was inspired by drMikey's LOST portraits and decided
to attempt a Desmond painting in a similar style as a gift to me.
The painting is titled "See You In Another Life, Brotha".
It measures 16"x20" and is #1 of 3.

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

drMikey - "That's Me. Hardcore."

Last, but certainly not least, is the portrait of Jack.
It is titled "That's Me. Hardcore."

It was a toss-up as to whether Jack or Sawyer was framed first.
Sawyer won the "eeny meeny minie moe" decision.

My painting is #5/5. It is the only one of the six paintings from drMikey that had a different issue number.

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drMikey - "And Guess What? I Just Shot a Bear!"

The third (and final) pair of paintings I won in drMikey's auctions
for Child's Play are Sawyer and Jack.

Sawyer's portrait is titled "And Guess What? I Just Shot a Bear!"

My painting is #4/5.

Sawyer's portrait has already been framed.

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drMikey - "Remember When All You Had to Give Me Was a Flower?"

Sun's portrait is titled "Remember When All You Had to Give Me Was a Flower?"

The painting has a really cool detail -
"rays" in Sun's hair were achieved with gloss black paint.

My Painting is #4/5.

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drMikey - "Those Pants Don't Make You Look Fat"

The second pair of paintings I won in the drKikey auctions for Child's Play included Jin and Sun.
Jin's portrait is titled "Those Pants Don't Make You Look Fat".

My painting is #4/5.

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

drMikey - "Are You Sure? That's Exactly What I Was Doing! I'm a Lifeguard. I'm Licensed."

The portrait of Boone also measures 16"x20" and is titled "Are You Sure? That's Exactly What I Was Doing! I'm a Lifeguard. I'm Licensed." Boone's quote came from the pilot when Jack intervened in Boone's attempts to resuscitate Rose. My painting is #4/5. As with the Shannon painting, Boone is signed and numbered on the back and came with a Certificate of Authenticity.



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drMikey - "What's a Four Letter Word For I Don't Care?"

Mike Stanton aka drMikey offered pairs of paintings from The Harmonic Resonance Project in auctions for charity a few weeks ago. The proceeds of the auctions benefited Child's Play, a charity that benefits sick kids in children's hospitals with gifts of toys,games,gifts and cash. I was proud to be high bidder in several of the auctions. My friend Rob Perrin won the first pair of paintings auctioned for Child's Play: Walt and Michael. Check out his blog,My Mind Bloggles. I won the next auction featuring portraits of Shannon and Boone.

The painting of Shannon is titled: What's a Four Letter Word For I Don't Care?". Shannon's quote from Season One of LOST was also the solution to the puzzle that revealed her portrait in The Harmonic Resonance Project. The painting measures 16"x20" and was limited to an edition of 5. My painting is numbered #4/5. drMikey signed and numbered the back of the painting and also provided a Certificate of Authenticity.



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drMikey's Harmonic Resonance Project

I am a huge fan of Mike Stanton's (aka drMikey) art and have purchased six of his LOST-themed print: System Failure, Progress, Locke in Black, Ab Aeterno, Unstuck and Charlie's Shoe. They each be seen through previous posts or at his online store:

He recently painted 15 different portraits of the LOST Season One cast and offered the paintings for sale through the solving of daily puzzles called the Harmonic Resonance Project. The 15 images were later combined on a 24"x18" poster print titled "I Will Always Be LOST./I Will Never Be LOST Again". The print was created so as it has two orientations for hanging. drMikey generously made a gift of the print to me. My print is #32.
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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dharma Initiative Freeze Dried Ice Cream

A relic of a Dharma drop? This Dharma Initiative Freeze Dried Ice Cream was a promotional item given out at the LOST Season 3 Premiere in Hawaii. The package measures approximately 5"x7" and weighs 3/4 oz. It is still unopened, but when held up to light, you can make out that the ice cream seems to be freeze dried pellets, each about the size of a pencil eraser. Yum.

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Autographs - Dylan Minnette

Dylan Minnette portrayed David Shephard, the son of Jack Shephard and Juliet Carlson in the Sideways timeline of LOST Season 6. This 8x10 autographed photo is a screen capture from the Drive Shaft/Daniel Widmore concert in the episode "The End". I purchased the autograph from Autograph World, LLC. It came with signing photos and a COA.

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Autographs - Alan Seabock

I have recently acquired additional autographs from actors appearing in the 6th season of LOST. The first is an autographed screen capture from Episode 6.14, "The Candidate". Alan Seabock appeared as the submarine captain. He also appeared in the finale as "the body" of the sub captain, who floated by as Miles and Sawyer rescued Frank Lapidus. The 4x6 photo was ititially signed in silver. The signature didn't show up well, so he re-signed it in black. I acquired the autograph from one of Mr. Seabock's relatives in Hawaii.

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Friday, November 5, 2010

"Missing" Tshirt by GlennzTees

The latest Tshirt addition to my LOST wardrobe is "Missing" by GlennzTees. It was first brought to my attention by links a fellow Lostie - Paul aka LOST_4815162342 - posted while attending Simon Pegg's book signing in Glasgow a few weeks ago.

Simon Pegg at book signing:

From andalone

The shirt can be purchased at
The sizing does run small, so I suggest ordering at least one size up.

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Finding LOST Season Six by Nikki Stafford

Nikki Staffford has long been one of my favorite LOST recappers. I have purchased all of her LOST "Unoffical Guides" and read them along with each rewatch of LOST. The Season Six Guide was just delivered.


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LOST University Dorm Room Props

I was surprised and flabbergasted upon the delivery of a mystery package yesterday. It was sent to me by my friend and fellow Lostie, Alice/comixguru. The contents were 2 items from the D23 LOST University dorm room, an LU pillow and LU pennant.
From andalone

These items were not available for sale to the public and have been stored away since the D23 exhibit was dismantled. I am so very grateful to Alice for thinking of me when granted access to the LU props. Below is video of the LOST University dorm room I found on youtube. The pillow can be seen on the bed, and the pennant is one of several on bulletin board.

The other LOST University items in my collection can be seen here: