Saturday, September 29, 2012

LOST Art - "I Remember" and "It Worked"

A few copies of these AMAZING prints by Jason Shorr,
commissioned especially for the Cancer Gets LOST event
are still available! 
They are both a limited edition of 23 and are $42 each. 
Contact Jared Wong at
if you would like to purchase.  The money will go to defraying the 
massive auction shipping costs that Jo & Jared 
paid out of their own pockets.
(Shipping totaled over $5K - insane that such amazing 
and generous people had to shoulder that sort of expense. 
See my previous post if you'd like to 
contribute without purchasing the prints.)

The prints, "It Worked" and "I Remember" are stunning 
and will be a fantastic addition to any LOST fan's collection. 
Both prints measure 13" x 19". 
I can't wait for mine to arrive...
it's like being a two year old waiting for Santa. 
I requested #4/23 of both prints. 


Jared also designed an awesome poster for Cancer Gets LOST.

"Jacob Loves You" is numbered and signed 
by Jared.
Copies are still available!!!
(Yep, I reserved #4 of this one too!)
Contact Jared if you'd like to add Jacob Loves You 
to your collection as well.