Friday, June 28, 2013

"Live Together, Die Alone" by Nicole Gustafsson

"Live Together, Die Alone" 
by Nicole Gustafsson is an original piece of art
  featured in the 
Bad Robot Art Experience at Gallery 1988.

It was later made available as a print.
It is just beautiful! My print is #6/30.
It is still available for purchase here.
You can read the artist's blog post about
the art here.

"Live Together, Die Alone" is displayed
on a console table in my hallway.

Sports Center Desmond Reference

Damon Lindelof tweeted Andrew Coughlin's 
Vine link last night.

 The video repeatedly showed 
up in my timeline for the rest of the evening.


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

"Make Your Own Kind of Music" by Joey Spiotto


"Make Your Own Kind of Music"
by Joey Spiotto was one of the LOST prints
featured in the 
Bad Robot Art Experience at Gallery 1988.

My print is #62/100

The album back is available in Joey Spiotto's Etsy store.
He is also selling a limited numbers of sets of both album fronts and backs.

The pair is now framed and proudly
displayed in my LOST room.

Fun With LOST Megos: James & Juliet 4Ever

I've been spending a lot of time
"playing" with my LOST Megos lately.

I'm still assembling outfits and accessories
for them, but couldn't resist allowing
James and Juliet an embrace
while I continue sewing.

James and Juliet are both from Wave 2 of the LOST Megos,
and dressed in their 1977 Dharmaville fashions.
Sawyer is wearing a Dharma security jumpsuit
and Juliet is wearing a peasant top and jeans.

"The Numbers" Cuff

LOST-themed jewelry!!!

I recently purchased this cuff bracelet
featuring "The Numbers".
The ring and keychain were bonus items, 
included with purchase.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Fun With LOST Megos: "I Shot a Bear"

Remember when Sawyer shot the polar bear?
This is what happened next....

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Fun With LOST Megos: Dr. Jack Shephard

Jack was part of  Wave 2 of Bif Bang Pow's
LOST action figures.

Wave 2 has been much more difficult to clothe 
since the heads are not removable 
and the arms are more muscled. A lot of
Mego-sized clothing does not fit the Wave 2 figures.

I finally got around to dressing Jack in "doctor garb".

Spinal Surgeon

Dr. Jack Shephard

closeup of Jack's hospital ID badge

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

LOST Numbers Print by Ian Knight, Embellished by Henry Ian Cusick

I have often mentioned the amazing people I have met 
and lifelong friendships formed through LOST.

Ian Knight aka Zort70 is one of those people.
He managed to surprise me with one of the
 most magnificent gifts that I have ever received.

Ian attended Collectormania in England on May 26
and posted a photo on Twitter of Henry Ian Cusick 
holding up his LOST Numbers design print. 

This particular design is special to me
as it hung in the front window of the LOSTie
house dubbed "The Barracks" during Comic Con
2011. It now graces my kitchen door window.
It is also the lockscreen on my iPhone.

Monday's mail arrived and my neighborhood
was subjected to shrieks of joy and many tears.
The poster was for meeeeeeeeeeee!

I am overwhelmed and thrilled and stunned.
Two Ians collaborated and I am still doing my 
happy dance 12 hours later.


"Stained Numbers" is back from the frame shop!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

LOST Chibi Print #4 by Sasha Servey

The final print of the
LOST Chibis by Sasha Servey
is my favorite of the four.
I love the ghosts featured with Miles!

top row: Boone Carlyle, Danielle Rousseau, Claire Littleton
middle row:  Shannon Rutherford, Vincent, Libby Smith
bottom row:  Rose Henderson & Bernard Nadler, 
Miles Straume & pals, Charlotte Lewis
The image has been cropped for this post for more detail.
It is signed and numbered on the back.

LOST Chibi Print #3 by Sasha Servey

The third LOST Chibi print
by Sasha Servey features
 many beloved characters from LOST.

top row:  Mr. Eko, Jack Shephard, John Locke
middle row:  Kate Austen, Ben Linus, Sayid Jarrah
bottom row:  Hugo "Hurley" Reyes, Juliet Burke, James "Sawyer" Ford

It is signed and numbered on the back.

LOST Chibi Print #2 by Sasha Servey

The second LOST Chibi Print in the 
series of four by Sasha Servey 
has posed a question.
I can't identify one of the characters.

I would appreciate comments if
anyone can identify the character 
to the far right of the middle row.

top row: Penny Widmore Hume, Eloise Hawking, Daniel Faraday
middle row:  Naomi Dorritt, Frank Lapidus, ???
bottom row:  Alex Rousseau & Karl Martin, Martin Keamy, Mikhail Backunin

The print measures 8.5" x 11".
(I cropped the image for more detail.)
All four of the LOST Chibi prints are
signed and numbered on the back.
Each of the prints is #001 in the series.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

LOST Chibi Print #1 by Sasha Servey

The other day I came across the most
adorable LOST Chibi prints on
There are 4 prints in the series and 
 Sasha Servey is the artist.

This post features print #1.
top row: Sun Kwon, Jin Kwon, Richard Alpert
middle row: Charles Widmore, Desmond Hume, Charlie Pace
bottom row: Michael Dawson, Walt Lloyd , Ana Lucia Cortez
Each print is signed and numbered
on the back. All four of my prints are
numbered 001. The prints measure 8.5" x 11 "
(I cropped the image for more detail.)

Fish Biscuit Pendant

I have found some of the most unique 
items in my LOST collection on

One of the most recent Etsy acquisitions
is a fish biscuit pendant.

I ordered the pendant with the intention of using the
 fish biscuit charm on Sawyer's collar.
But I may wear it instead!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

"Namaste" by Anthony Petrie

The third print that I acquired from
The Bad Robot Art Experience at Gallery 1988 
 is titled "Namaste" by Anthony Petrie.

It is an amazing print, with so many layers.
Anthony Petire's Tumblr account details
the meaning of the individual baguas and
the character placement in each:

"The Numbers" appear as alternating colored 
dots in the border, beginning at the top with Charlie.
There are lots of Easter Egss to be discovered
in the jungle foliage in the corners of the print.

(I flipped the images as need for a better view).
upper left corner

upper right corner

lower right corner

bottom edge
(the print number - 38/100 and artist signature 
are just below bottom bagua tile)

 lower left corner

The individual bagua tiles:









Jack & Locke 

"Namaste" is displayed in my office.