Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Ancient Dagger Prop Replica

The Ancient Dagger seen in Season 6 sold for $6000 in the
Official LOST Auction.

I purchased a prop replica dagger for substantially less. 
It is shiny and new and needs to be distressed
to match the dagger that appeared on screen, but is accurate
in every other detail.

So until I can age my shiny new dagger, 
a photo filter will have to do....

The dagger joins favorite pieces on display in my
LOST room.

Bad Robot Bearbrick

I've collected all of the LOST Bearbricks
as previously posted here
but my collection was lacking the Bad Robot Bearbrick....
until NOW!

He joins the Bad Robot Maquette on display in my collection.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tim and the Space Cadets - 2nd Grade Show

I realize that anyone who may 
have interest in browsing this blog
aka LOSTies, have
probably already seen this video already.
But it merits sharing again.
I think this may be one of my favorite 
videos of ALL TIME!

...A special thanks to my friend Latha for bringing it to my
attention - I was offline for a number of days and would
have missed it without her heads up.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Creation Entertainment Banners: Jack & Locke

I am continually finding LOST treasures 
hidden away in the closets of my home.
Over the holidays, I discovered a cache of
unopened boxes and poster tubes
that must have been hastily stashed away
in anticipation of guests.....

I'd forgotten I had even purchased most of the items,
but was thrilled with discovery!

Included among the memorabilia
were two banners from the Creation Entertainment
Fan Convention in 2005.
Both banners measure approximately
30" x 24", and are made of waterproof canvas.
Grommets are in the corners to allow for easy display.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

"Believe in Duct Tape" - Framed!

The fantastic original artwork by Jared Wong
has now been framed!
My original post about it here:

LOST Thought and LOST Thought University Edition

I previously posted about
Pearson Moore's LOST books:

I also purchased LOST Thought

I was so excited to hear about its
publication since the contributors 
are people I have followed through their essays
blogs, podcasts and LOST books for years:

Bloggers and Authors:

Pearson Moore (LOST Humanity, LOST Identity)

Nationally Recognized Literary Scholars:

Amy Bauer, Ph.D. (Professor of Music)

Cynthia Burkhead, Ph.D. (Professor of English)

Jeffrey Frame, Ph.D. (Professor of Theater and Film)

Delano Freeberg, Ph.D. (Analytical Scientist)

Julia Guernsey-Pitchford, Ph.D. (Professor of English)

Michelle Lang, Ph.D. (Professor of Art)

Antonio Savorelli, Ph.D. (Film and Literary Studies)

Paul Wright, Ph.D. (Professor of English)

Jamie R. Smith (Professor of English)

LOST Scholars:

Jennifer Galicinski (Theology)

C. David Milles (Literary and Film Studies)

Erin Carlyle (Women's Studies)

Gozde Kilic (Cultural Studies)

Kevin McGinnis (Religious Studies)

Then around Christmas, I saw a Facebook post
that LOST Thought was being released as a
University Edition, with 8 additional essays and 74
additional pages! Sold!