Sunday, July 28, 2013

Fun With LOST Megos: Balance

This display idea came from my friend, Caleb Woods. 
He shared a photo with me of his
LOST Collection display and I
immediately knew I had to "steal" idea.

"Two Players. Two Sides. One is light. One is dark."

The scale was purchased from Hobby Lobby.
I thought the concept was brilliant!

Friday, July 26, 2013

I had to settle for Mr. Green Jeans as a kid......

Josh Holloway guest stars in a brand-new episode
of "Yo Gabba Gabba!"
premiering Saturday, July 27 
at 8:30 AM ET on Nick Jr.

  Josh Holloway Guest Stars on Nick Jr.'s "Yo Gabba Gabba!" from Jessica Wilson on Vimeo.

***UPDATE - Saturday Morning***

I just watched the episode of Yo Gabba Gabba
with Farmer Josh.
He drives a magic flying tractor, sings and "plays"
both the banjo and guitar and dances at a hoedown!

My favorite part of the episode is when he
describes a hoedown to the gang:

I can't help but think that line was a
winky wink to LOST.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Fun With LOST Megos: *SIDEWAYS* Detectives Straume & Ford

The Sideways timeline of LOST Season 6 
gave us such different views of the characters.

Detectives Straume & Ford were probably
my 2nd favorite (just behind uber-successful Desmond)

The transformation for each started with 
the original shirt for both Mego Miles & Mego Sawyer.
I added cargo pants from a Mego spy figure for
Miles and dark-wash jeans for Sawyer.
The detectives each wear "leather" jackets from
Bratz Boyz wardrobes.   

The badges were created from mini photos
 of badges, mounted on craft foam cut to shape.
I used one ply of a picture hanging wire twist
to make chains for each badge.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Fun With LOST Megos: Dad?!?!!

Christian Shephard's image appears on
one of the outside panels of my Swan Station Playset.
I couldn't resist the opportunity
to pose Mego Jack and Claire (and baby Aaron)
showing their surprise at encountering
Christian in the jungle.

 Jack is dressed in dark washed jeans from 
Classic TV Toys and a Bratz Boyz shirt

I removed the little black dress and "pregnant"
padded overshirt from Claire and dressed her in
capris and a tank top from a Bratz doll.
Baby Aaron is wrapped in a scrap of muslin.

Fun With LOST Megos: The Dharma Security Team

LaFleur and Straume!
They made an awesome pair -
both as Dharma Security and in the
*Sideway* timeline as Ford & Straume - LA Detectives.

I wanted their Dharma jumpsuits to match,
so I dressed Miles in the jumpsuit from my second
Mego Sawyer. (The jumpsuits I commissioned from 
Mego seamstress Theressa are great, 
but just a little plainer than the jumpsuit LaFleur wears.)
I *mostly* removed the printing from
the pocket with rubbing alcohol.

Miles' shoes and gun are also from my second Mego Sawyer.
I added rifles for each.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Season Three Crew Shirt

I'd not seen this shirt before and came
across it during one of my daily internet searches 
for all things LOST.

This crew shirt is from Season 3 and features 
"The Flame" on the front.
Underneath the Dharma logo
are the words "Love Patchy".

A drawing of Mikhail is on the back of the
shirt along with a Russian phrase.
I have no idea as to what it says.
Translation would be appreciated if 
anyone who stumbles across this post
can read Russian. 

Monday, July 15, 2013

LOST Reunion 2014

THIS is happening. And I am going.

LOST 2014 - The Ten Year Reunion

A new web site has been launched with the details, updates
and all information related to the LOSTie Reunion
in Hawaii celebrating the 10 year anniversary
of the LOST Pilot.

Life's emergencies tend to attack and devour
any extra money I might save, so
I started a Smarty Pig online savings account
in December 2011 specifically for this event.
I can't touch the money until I reach my goal 
amount and then the money is released in the form
of a prepaid Visa card.

Weekly deposits made in form of bank draft
from my checking account in a very nominal amount
have added up, with no pain or bruising to my budget.
I am currently at 74% of my goal!
I can't wait. Seriously. 

Fun With LOST Megos: Ghostbuster Miles

I couldn't resist taking a few liberties with 
"ghostbuster" Miles and inserting a ghost 
into the scene.

"You can go now."

The Dustbuster is a little large,
but it was the smallest prop I could
find that was similar in appearance to device
that Miles used in "Confirmed Dead".
It is actually a doll-sized red Dustbuster
that I sprayed black.

Miles' jacket is from a Classic TV Toys
gray suit purchased for another LOST Mego. 
I added dark-washed blue jeans.
Mego Miles is wearing the long-sleeved gray
shirt included with his original outfit.

I found the ghost on a google image search.
I wanted a cartoony ghost with some dimension.
I printed the image on cardstock
and mounted on a small block attached
to wall to create the illusion of floating.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

THE Desmond & Penny Photo

You knew I had this photo.
You also probably guessed that I had it framed and displayed 
prominently in my LOST room.
(and a smaller version may or may not be in my wallet)

I've just neglected to add a post about it until now.

Reason to Smile

This pic showed up in my Facebook timeline Friday...

...and this tweet showed up in my Twitter feed.

JUST TRY to wipe the smile off of my face!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Fun With LOST Megos: Juliet Arrives on THE ISLAND

I have been wanting to costume Mego Juliet
in outfits other than the 1977 peasant top and jeans. 
But the molded hair on the figure made removing 
the top impossible. So I ordered a second Mego Juliet
and she arrived today!

I cut off the peasant top. Removal of the jeans and shoes
was not an issue. I decided to first dress her in the outfit
Juliet wears when arriving on The Island.

The cap sleeve top is from a Breyer vet doll.
(I also used this shirt for the 
Peg Bundy -> Helen Norwood makeover)
The skirt, jacket and purse are from Bratz doll
clothes lots that I purchased on eBay.
The belt is from a pair of Bratz Boyz shorts. 
I shortened it and fastened it with a velcro dot 
in the back.

I probably need to build a little submarine dock
to recreate the scene accurately. 

Fun With LOST Megos: Decorating the Swan - Living Room

I came up with two options for the 
living room area of the Swan playset.
The first features Sawyer and the bear rug from previous post:

The second option is more accurate to the
actual Swan Station living room:

I added a coffee table, but really the pink has to go. 
I'll probably repaint brown.
 "Pillar candles" and a "Dharma Life" magazine 
complete the decor. 
The pillar candles on tray are birthday candles, cut to size.
The Dharma Life magazine cover feature Jonah Adkin's 
LOST Retrospective Map from previous post:

Hurley seems to find the space comfortable,
which is really the point of a living room.

(Apparently the comic book survived Michael throwing it into the fire!)

Wanted: Desmond Action Figure

This post has nothing to do with items in my collection.
It does however, deal with a giant hole of LACK.
Whiney, whiney me...
I want a Desmond action figure!!!

I watched the LOST DVD featurette,
"LOST in Clay: Creating the Toys of Todd McFarlane"
and anxiously awaited the release of the
Series 3 figures: Desmond, Ben, Sayid and Claire.
Screen captures of Henry Ian Cusick being scanned
for creation of his figure:

Conceptual drawing of Desmond figure: 

Alas, Series 3 was canceled. 
And although Ben, Sayid and Claire 
made it to release as Bif Bang Pow!
LOST action figures, Desmond did not.

The Desmond Bobble Head by
Bif Bang Pow! is cool -I have two of them, 
both at work and at home.
But it just isn't the same......

I'm going to have to do something about this.
Stay tuned.  

Friday, July 12, 2013

Fun With LOST Megos: Jack's Tats

I have been trying to figure out a way
to add Jack's tattoos to my Mego Jack figure.
The first 5 or six attempts were giant failures.
But I am a persistent little something-something
and did not give up.

And I found solution!

I used waterslide decal paper on a laser-jet printer.
I let ink dry really well.
Then I sprayed over printing with three very
thin layers of clear coat, allowing about 30 minutes
drying time between coats. (You might be able to get away
with shorter time, but I like to err on the side of caution.)
I cut out the image, as close to printing as possible.
The "waterslide" part comes in when you drop the decal in
cup/pan/glass of water. The backing slides off after just under
a minute. You are left with a very thin decal to place
on the arm.  You have to position and smooth and let it dry.
It stays on unless you really pick at it. 
I printed up an entire page of the tats, so I can replace as needed. 

I am really happy/satisfied/proud of result.
I think tattoo makes Mego Jack even more awesome!

Fun With LOST Megos: Keeper of the Guns

Jack stashes the Halliburton case.

Jack wore a lot of sleeveless shirts.
I found this one in a lot of Bratz Boys clothes from eBay.
The jeans are from Classic TV Toys.
The Halliburton case is from a Mego lot, also
from eBay. I sprayed it with chrome paint.

This was the smallest key I could find.

Fun With LOST Megos: Jacob Uncorked

I was thrilled to find a miniature wine bottle
that closely resembled Jacob's in shape.

Jacob "uncorked"

Monday, July 8, 2013

Fun With LOST Megos: "It's all French to me..."

Mego Sayid has a stronger likeness
to the character than some of the other
 LOST Megos.

I made a miniature version
of Rousseau's map for him.

Fun With LOST Megos: "Two players, two sides. One is light. One is dark."

I knew I wanted a backgammon board 
for Mego Locke. I searched and searched
on eBay and online stores specializing in
miniatures.  Everything was either 1:6 (Barbie)
scale or 1:12 scale.....nothing 1:9 scale!

8 months later, I found it!  I entered measurements
of standard backgammon board into 
calculator and divided by nine for Mego size
to be certain. Eureka!

I also decided to make some backdropsfor my LOST Megos.  
My dining room table just doesn't capture 
the essence of of LOST properly.

A 3-panel project board supplied 4 backdrops.
Each backdrop is a familiar LOST location,
printed as a 4-page poster, and adhered to project board.
I set up in my back yard, added some play sand
and voila!....the beach!

The part of Walt is played by a Mego "Buckwheat"
from the Our Gang/Little Rascals series of toys.
I found him for $8.16 on eBay.
(yeah, I know... one cent off!)

I removed his boots and replaced his shirt
with a more Walt-like fashion choice
from a Bratz Boyz doll.

I used a small paper punch to
make the backgammon pieces that
Mego Locke is holding.
It is the paper punch
I purchased to make Mego Hurley's
Connect Four game.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Fun With LOST Megos: Walkabout Locke

I HAVE to say that Scott Adams customized 
Walkabout Locke first and much more skillfully
 than I ever could.
His version here.

I didn't want to copy him.
(even if I could, which I can't...he is the master!)
He custom-made Locke's shirt.
Mine is from a Bratz Boyz wardrobe.
The khaki pants I purchased were too small, 
so I borrowed Mego Jabob's pants.

The wheelchair is from a Mego-sized wrestling figure.

I made the knife case from a wrestling figure
rolling suitcase, sprayed with chrome paint.
It is lined with black craft foam, cut to size.
I think Scott hand sculpted his knives.
I cheated and purchased several that I thought would work.
The walkabout brochure is a miniature version
of the prop replica included with
the McFarlane Toys Locke figure.
Scott included it on a prop .pdf on his site.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Fun With LOST Megos: Jack's Awakening

Since Mego Jack was already wearing his suit 
from the previous post, I decided to dress
Mego Kate and recreate Jack's "awakening".

"I missed you so much."

Kate's little black dress is actually Mego Claire's!
It is the dress underneath the pregnant overshirt.

Kate's shoes are from the Mego Peg Bundy
that I modified to Helen Norwood:

Fun With LOST Megos: Moving On

I didn't start out with the intention of recreating 
Jack viewing his father's coffin in the church.
But I found some amazing styrofoam blocks at the
craft store and decided to go for it!

I substituted Ian Knight's "Stained Numbers"
for the multi-faith stained glass window.