Sunday, May 26, 2013

Fan Girl Squeeeeeee! My questions answered in Part Three!

As the final video of Henry Ian Cusick
answering Twitter questions from his fans posted,
I was en route to deal with some family business.
But thanks to the mobile notifications
option on Twitter, I was able to experience
the instant gratification of viewing it immediately.

I am a total and utter goofus when it comes to stuff
like this. Most of the time I am a confident,
professional woman. But I become a blithering idiot
when it comes to interaction with the cast and crew of LOST.
It's just overwhelming to me...
and this is IAN!!!
and so my dorky questions:
(I HAD to ask that question considering the ridiculous
amount of LOST and Desmond-themed art
in my collection.)

The responses to  my questions begin at the 2:09 mark.
My questions are answered back to back.

"Send me some."
Cue the swooning. 

Thursday, May 23, 2013

The End - Three Years Later

Today marks the three year anniversary 
of the LOST finale.

The End.

 I thought it only fitting I share one of the LOST prints 
I purchased from The Bad Robot Art Experience. 
It arrived yesterday, so is still unframed.
But it is the perfect image to acknowledge 5/23:

"The Final Adventure"
by Julia Sonmi Heglund

It is a limited edition giclee print
on archival paper, and measures 10" x 8".
My print is #9/35.

Another print in my collection shares a similar image.
"Eye Wide Shut" by FroDesign:

and revisiting the final LOST cast photo
"The Sanctuary"

I really haven't let go...
probably never will.
I will always be LOST.


"The Final Adventure" is now framed...

...and hanging in my office adjacent to
"Eye Wide Shut".

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Henry Ian Cusick on Twitter

I have never made a secret of my adoration and admiration
of Desmond/Henry Ian Cusick.
Desmond is my favorite character 
from my favorite show.
And Henry Ian Cusick is my favorite actor.

He recently joined Twitter (yay!),

and tweeted this message on Thursday, 5/16/13:

Part One of his video responses:

My questions were not answered in Part One.
(I asked three.....well I asked 2, and provided a link
to my Desmond collection on the third tweet)
We'll see if he responds....

Part Two of his video responses:

My questions and Ian's answers were not in Part Two.....
(hoping to make Part Three)

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

My son Alex presented me with possibly
the greatest Mother's Day card ever.


Saturday, May 11, 2013

Bad Robot Says: Here's A Whole World of Fun!

The first five of the prints I purchased from the 
Bad Robot Art Experience Art Show
have arrived! These prints were purchased
for me by my poster buddy Amy B./Nerderific.
I ordered *a few more*
once online sales became available.

I have already framed one of the prints.
This is a limited edition (of 50) digital print
by Dana Lechtenberg, titled
"Here's A Whole World Of Fun!"

The print measures 18" x 24".  My print is #41/50
The concept of the print is reminiscent of the old ads
found in the back of comics books, BUT instead
features nods to favorite Bad Robot productions.

Star Trek




Super 8 

Person of Interest 





Order Form happy and colorful! I just love it. 

Monday, May 6, 2013

LOST in Baking

I will admit that I am not much of a baker anymore.
I baked hundreds, maybe thousands
 of cupcakes and cookies when my boys were younger.
Class parties, Room Mother duties, school lunches....
It seemed as though there was a last minute
baking emergency at least once a week.

But I saw a photo on a friend's Facebook post last week 
and absolutely had to borrow the idea:
LOST-Themed Cookie Cutter Set!!!
Another friend had gifted her a set 
of four cookie cutters with a LOST theme:

I expanded on the idea and ordered two sets of  7 cookie cutters.
(One for me, one for a LOSTie pal)

Airplane (BOTH Oceanic and Ajira cookies!)

Palm Tree (to represent The Island)

Swan (to represent the Swan Station)

Hand (Not Penny's Boat cookies! - I previously
made a larger cardboard cutout that I used as a 
template for several batches)

Polar Bear

Bunny (this turned out to be smaller than I thought.
I may have to order a larger one. But it will still be cute
decorated in white icing with a black 8 on it's side)

Fish (for mini Fish Biscuits! The tail will have to be modified,
but that's an easy fix with the cookie dough. I used a cardboard template
for several batches of full-sized Fish Biscuits in the past.)

I may have to cut out a few gingerbread men
and decorate them as my favorite castaways as well.
(I've always wanted to nibble on Desmond.)

Of course I'll be wearing my custom Dharma Chef
hat and apron while baking. 

Photos of decorated cookies soon!