Monday, October 31, 2011

LOST Season 5 Production Artwork: Jacob's Chamber

This is a limited edition (of 25) print of
the color artist rendition of
Jacob's chamber in the base of Taweret.
I acquired the print from the individual who
purchased the entire lot of the Season 5 Artwork
from the LOST Auction.

The print measures 11" x 17"and is numbered 3/25. It is just beautiful!

I plan on hanging it just beneath Jason Munn's print of
"The Four-Toed Statue", print #6 of the
LOST Undeground Art Project.

***UPDATE 10/22/12***
Jacob's Chamber actually ended up
being displayed in my office.

I am constantly rearranging my LOST art
to make space for new purchases and
sometimes things don't go according to plan.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Henry Gale Balloon Map

I purchased this limited edition copy of *Henry Gale's*
 map to the hot air balloon 
from the person who purchased the original
at the LOST Auction. The map is copied
onto one of the 26 ORIGINAL Brothers Karamazov title
pages included in Auction Lot #318.

So this is an original AND a reproduction.....
(but the price was right - my winning bid was $1.09,

Below is the description from the eBay listing and
scan of the COA copy included with the map:

5"X8"   "HENRY GALE [BEN LINUS] MAP TO HIS HOT AIR BALLON" **There were 26 authentic "The Brothers Karamazov" Title pages included in the official Lost Auction [Lot # 318] -We have taken those 26 authentic extra pages & had the map to the balloon copied on the backside - JUST LIKE THE ORIGINAL MAP WAS!   [original was in pencil -these are copies] - GREAT DETAILS!  LIMITED EDITION OF ONLY 26 COPIES MADE -ON THE ORIGINAL AUTHENTIC BOTHERS KARAMAZOV PAGES -Each one is individually numbered #'ed out of 26 . This is a limited edition copy of the original LOST PRODUCTION PIECE FROM THE PRODUCTION/MAKING OF LOST & FROM THE OFFICIAL LOST AUCTION Aug 21&22, 2010 - lot #318 & comes with a color copy of the original Lost Auction COA from ABC/Profiles in History. again this is an affordable, limited edition "reproduction copy -on original/authentic auction page" 

Monday, October 24, 2011

D23: Dharma Patch

Amy B./Nerderific also purchased a
D23 Dharma Patch  for me (in addition to the 
Mega Lotto Jackpot magnet detailed in an earlier post.)  

The patch is larger than any of the other
Dharma patches in my collection, measuring 
a little more than 4 1/2 inches across.

Both the patch and the magnet are from
the Walt Disney Archives Collection.

According to the back of the packaging,
the Walt Disney Archives recently
unearthed a previously unknown
activity of the Dharma Initiative, known only by
the enigmatic symbol D23.
In truth, D23 is Disney's version of
Comic Con.

"LOST...and Found" by JJ Harrison

JJ Harrison of released this 
comic around the time of the LOST Auction in August 2010.
I think Sawyer undervalued his pricing....

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Autograph: Kristin Richardson

Kristin Richardson is another of my recent
LOST cast autograph acquisitions.
Kristin portrayed Jessica in the Season 1
episode "Confidence Man".

Ms. Richardson signed an 8" x 10" photo.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Autograph: Mark Pellegrino

I previously only had Mark Pellegrino's autograph
in the form of LOST Trading cards until
this 10" x 8" signed photo recently
arrived. The photo itself
is a screencap from the Season 5
Finale "The Incident Part I".

(John Locke can be seen in the background, just after being 
pushed from the window by Anthony Cooper.)

Monday, September 26, 2011

D23: Mega Lotto Jackpot Magnet

Nerderific/Amy B. was kind enough to
purchase this Mega Lotto Jackpot magnet for me 
at D23 last month.
(D23 is Disney's version of Comic-Con.)

It is a magnet version of Hurley's
winning lottery ticket and measures
approximately 3 1/8" x 4".
It is one of the items in the Disney Archives Collection
as noted on the back of the magnet.

It currently is displayed in a grouping with
other LOST-themed magnets on the freezer side 
of  my refrigerator.

Special thanks to Alex W. who
also purchased a magnet on my behalf.
It is being forwarded to a LOSTie 
pal in Canada.

"Linus" Tshirt by dakin_costello

TeeFury recently released one of the BEST
LOST mashup Tshirts EVER:
Linus by dakin_costello.....

As with all LOST offerings on,
this shirt was a must-have. I'm pretty
sure Ben Linus must have had
a secret blankie.

P.S. Sorry for lack of posts over last two weeks.
My work schedule has been frantic.
It is always helpful to actually make the money
that enables me to add to my LOST collection.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Nikki Stafford - Finding LOST Bookmark

Nikki Stafford's guides to each season of
LOST are must-read books for fans.

I received a "Finding LOST" bookmark,
autographed by Nikki Stafford, at the LOSTie
party in San Diego. 

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Matthew Fox Wine

I was gifted a bottle of Matthew Fox wine
at the LOSTie party in San Diego.
Jo Garfein was incredibly generous and
presented me with a bottle of Chardonnay.

I was so excited since the wine is not 
available in my area. (I searched online as well
and wasn't able to find a distributor that 
would ship to Memphis.)

I don't know if
THE Matthew Fox aka Jack Shephard
is in any way associated with 
Matthew Fox Vineyards, but in my
little world, I'm going to pretend he stomped
the grapes himself.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Polar Bear Bobble Head

The Polar Bear Bobble Head
by Bif Bang Pow!
was the SDCC Exclusive this year.
I stopped by the Entertainment Earth booth
to see him in person. I had preordered him 
(along with the LOST Megos figures)
and knew he wouldn't be shipped until after I
returned home from Comic Con.

I was a little disappointed that landscape-oriented packaging
hadn't been created. It was the same Dharma Initiative box
as the other LOST Bobble Heads, with a Polar Bear
 sticker affixed to the box.

The Polar Bear Bobble Head is fierce.

He's a great addition to the
LOST Bobble Head line-up.

"The Constant Dilemma" by JJ Harrison

It's no secret that Desmond is my favorite character
on LOST.  "The Constant Dilemma" by JJ Harrison
captures the epic phone call between Desmond
and Penny on Christmas Eve.

I also purchased the corresponding Tshirt
by JJ from MySoti

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

LOST andalone in Margaritaville

A margarita tastes better when it is served
in a glass from the LOST Prop Warehouse
in Hawaii.  There are two in the set.

Best as I can determine, the glasses were used in 
the Season 1 episode, "Exodus, Part1".
They are background props, holding some
sort of snack - nuts? on the bar
during the Jack and Ana Lucia encounter.

(I can barely detect the colored rim of the 
margarita glass when I enlarge the photos.)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

"The Numbers" Wristband

I am always on the lookout for
I recently admired a wristband that
Jo Garfein was wearing at the LOSTie
party at The Barracks, featuring
"The Numbers"

I ordered one as soon as I returned
home.  It is wider than most
of my LOST wristbands,
measuring almost an inch wide.
You can purchase one here:

Autograph Quest Continues...

My quest to obtain autographs
from all of the LOST cast and guest stars
continues. I received Susan Duerdan's 
autograph in yesterday's mail.
Ms. Duerdan portrayed Claire's mother,
Carole Littleton.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Friends are the BEST Gift, But Presents are Great Too!

This is my friend Rob. He is AWESOME.
(photo courtesy Bonnie Green)

(He is also very tall and calm, the exact opposite of
short, spastic me.)

Rob is a LOSTie as well, and was one of my
housemates at The Barracks.
He has an amazing collection of LOST
memorabilia, he purchased quite a few items
from the Official LOST Auction. 
Rob is also quite the wordsmith,
and his blog entries are always
informative and entertaining:

Rob approached me during the LOSTie
party at The Barracks, stating he had
a surprise for me. A short time later, he brought out one
of the screen-worn "Juliet shirts" he had purchased
during the LOST Auction....

Juliet fan, Jo Garfein enjoyed the moment
(photo courtesy Bonnie Green)
Note: Rob is also the person responsible for my twitter
avatar. He photographed my Head-on-a-Stick
wearing the other Juliet shirt from his auction lot.

I thought the opportunity to actually hold Juliet's shirt
was the surprise. I was WRONG-O.
A few days later, Rob presented me 
with an intriguing package.

The package was heavy for its size.
 I opened it and could make out a curious
shape beneath the bubble wrap.

 SURPRISE! It was one of Jin's handcuffs
from the lot that Rob purchased from the 
LOST Auction.

 You can read all about the handcuff lot here:

It was so cool to hold and handle the handcuff,
it was the first time I had ever held one.
I was surprised by the weight and thanked
my Miss Goody-Two-Shoes mentality that I
have never been arrested.

Like the Juliet shirt, I assumed that Rob brought
the handcuff simply for the purpose of sharing
some of his LOST props with his friends in person.
I was WRONG-O again!

Rob gifted the handcuff to me. For ME! TO KEEP!
Just wow! I was, and am still overwhelmed with his generosity.
The first thing I did upon arrival home
(after kissing the kid and dog)
was to properly frame the handcuff 
for display in a shadowbox.

It is one of my most prized pieces of
LOST memorabilia - not only because
it is so freaking AWESOME,
but also because is is also a symbol
of the amazing friendships I have made
through LOST.

Thank you, Rob. You are my hero.