Thursday, August 30, 2012

Charity Begins...and ends...with LOSTies

I want to congratulate the forces behind Cancer Gets LOST, 
Jo Garfein and Jared Wong.
They have worked tirelessly and selflessly, sacrificing time, 
effort and considerable personal financial expense 
to raise money for the National Brain Tumor Society
 through the Cancer Gets LOST webcast, event in Los Angeles and auction.

I am proud to have been both an auction contributor
 and winning bidder on several fantastic items.

But I am also concerned. 
I read a post of the Cancer Gets LOST site yesterday.
I learned that the shipping budget Jo and Jared earmarked 
for the shipping inclusive items will be dedicated instead to 
paying the performance fee to the site hosting the auction. 
100% of the money raised goes to the National Brain Tumor Society.

It is fantastic and amazing that the auction raised 4 -5 times
 the amount expected. But I cannot stand by knowing that 
Jo and Jared's generosity will end up costing them even more financially.
So I am asking those of us who won shipping inclusive items
to donate at least a part of the shipping expense to a Paypal
account I set up yesterday for Jo and Jared.
They are the only people with access to the account.

This is completely voluntary. It was my idea.
And I had to cajole, wheedle and whine to get permission
to use the email address and set up account.
Jo and Jared would never consider
asking you to help defray the shipping costs. But I know how
generous and caring LOSTies are and know you will
want to help. PLEASE donate what you can.
Consider the size and shape of the auction items you won and 
contribute accordingly. 
An item that will fit in a flat rate USPS envelope
costs $5.25 to mail and so on.

The Paypal email address associated with the fund is

Please select the "gift to family/friends" option for sending
money to avoid a Paypal fee being debited from the account.

I would appreciate as many tweets, Facebook posts, link-backs
as possible to get the word out.  Jo and Jared will begin shipping
the auction items within the next few weeks and it would 
be wonderful if they didn't have to dip into their own wallets
to cover the expense.

Thank you and Namaste.