Sunday, February 27, 2011

"Showdown" Coasters by Scott Campbell.

Scott Campbell did an amazing series of LOST "Showdowns" 
for the LOST Underground Art Project exhibit at
Gallery 1988 in December of 2009.

They can be seen here, about 1/3 of the way 
down the page.

Mr. Campbell recently had a solo show at the newly
opened Gallery 1988 in Venice, CA.
Many of the pieces were available for sale online
the day after the opening, and I purchased
a set of 4 coasters which featured a 
LOST/Back to the Future Showdown.

The other Showdowns were from
Beetlejuice, Ghost and Office Space.

Fun With LOST Megos: The Real Secret Behind LOST

The Losties pay homage to the great and powerful Bad Robot, 
much to the puzzlement of Man in Black and Jacob...
Ben lurks, looking on.

Fun With LOST Megos: Santa Rosa Hurley

I thought it only fitting that I create a Santa Rosa "diorama"
for Mego Hurley since he came dressed in his bathrobe and 
slippers. And I knew I wanted a Connect Four game
to be included in the scene.

I created the backdrop from cardboard. I got the 
inspiration  to use foam alphabet blocks from a screencap 
of the game room at Santa Rosa. 

The table and folding chairs are wrestling props from the
Jakks Pacific wrestling figures. The wrestling accessories
are a gold mine but also come with some unique problems....
The table is a "breakaway" table for staging wrestling scenes.

I certainly didn't want it collapsing during a rousing game
of Connect Four, so I super-glued along the "break" and then 
covered the top with black craft foam and trimmed to size.

The Connect Four game presented another issue.
I played around with a couple of ideas that yielded
less than desirable results. I finally settled on 
constructing it of craft foam: cheap and easy to work 
with. I printed out graph paper I customized to
5 grids per inch at

The next step was to adhere it to the foam piece.
I used a double-sided roll-on tape that is intended for
 scrapbooking.  I was assured it was quite strong and
 that I could also use it to assemble the Connect Four game.

I then trimmed the foam along grid lines, allowing a one 
square border around 7 squares wide and 6 squares tall.

I purchased a 1/8" hole punch to make the holes, 
one in  each square.

 I filled the holes with discs in red and black foam.

I repeated for the reverse side of the game, since the craft 
foam is thin and one sheet wasn't stable enough.
The reverse side was made using the mirror image of the 
front of the game. I trimmed it out with blue foam.
I had to use a thick black foam for the stand since that 
particular thickness wasn't available in blue.

I was fairly satisfied with the result, though now that I
have a better mastery of the process, I will probably
make another Connect Four. 

Saturday, February 26, 2011

"The Final Season" by Ty Mattson

I finally framed "The Final Season" by Ty Mattson.
I am very proud to own #1/100 of the first edition.


It's also very cool that Ty presented Damon Lindelof with a copy 
of the print. This photo is from Ty's blog,

Fun With LOST Megos: Kate Arrives in 1977 Dharmaville

I have been having a blast customizing my LOST Megos.
I have mostly been following my friend Scott's lead,
reproducing the outfits and props shown on his blog

This is my first attempt on my own at a specific outfit for Kate.
She initially proved to be the most difficult on the
LOST figures to find a source for clothes.
Female Megos are not as prevalent
and wardrobe choices tend to be very character specific.
Then I discovered that some of the Bratz doll 
clothes fit the Megos nicely, thanks to my friend 
Rob Perrin and his blog entry that included a photo
of Kate in a Bratz dress. 

I started picked up assorted Bratz doll lots on eBay
and am in the process of assembling a nice assortment of 
clothes and accessories for Kate (and hopefully Juliet if
Wave 2 of the LOST Mego line has enough
pre-sales for Bif Bang Pow! to proceed with the July release.)

The first lot I purchased contained a pair of jeans and a top
that were a good match to Kate arriving in 1977 Dharmaville.

The top only needed minor alteration, just shortening and
hemming the sleeves. I had to remove all of the 
embellishment on the jeans and shorten them substantially.

I am really happy with the results:

I created the Welcome banner by printing out on a bumper sticker
and trimming to size. I took advantage of the adhesive backing to 
attach the banner to two dowels.

The lei is not accurate to the ones the new recruits received 
upon arrival to Dharmaville, but I wanted to have some
fun with it and create more of a homage to the REAL island, Hawaii.

I cut up a few silk flowers into small pieces and strung on dental
floss with seed beads as spacers. I like the ruffly effect that 
simulates flowers very effectively.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bad Robot Maquette

It arrived!
The Bad Robot maquette is just fantastic!
Mine is #820 in a limited edition of 1000.

...more photos shortly.
(and yes, I've said "Bad Robot" in THE voice
about 20 times this evening.)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Jin & Sun by Tara McPherson

Jin and Sun by Tara McPherson is finally framed.
This print is absolutely stunning!
I chose a metallic frame to compliment the amazing
metallic inks used in the print.

Since I am running out of wall space, I chose to display this print 
on an easel in my living room.

Back to the Island Tshirt

My latest TeeFury LOST shirt arrived today.
It is an awesome LOST/Back to the Future Mashup.

The "Oceanic Five" who returned to the Island
apparently made the trip in a tricked-out Dharma van.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ben Linus in Action - Fun with LOST Megos

More with my Ben Linus Mego figure...

"No, he doesn't get to save his daughter"
Ben takes aim on Charles Widmore.
Charles Widmore was made from assorted parts 
of other Mego figures, he was not included in the Bif Bang Pow!
LOST series. I think it is a good match though.

Ben Linus, ever vigilant, patrols in front of The Barracks.
This was a fun mashup including a print in my LOST art 
collection: "The Barracks" by Nate Duval.

Friday, February 18, 2011

More Fun With LOST Megos: Roger Linus

One of the first custom projects I have attempted with my LOST 
Megos is creating the skeletal remains of Roger Linus. 
Scott Adams posted the project on his blog, 
and I was inspired to duplicate his efforts.
He made Dharma beer cans to scatter around Roger, but 
I decided to to be a little more "sarcastic" with my scene.

"Gee Dad, you're looking a little dehydrated.....Water?"

Roger is made from an 8" skeleton purchased from 
I used some stain and brown paint to "age" the bones.
He is dressed in a vintage Action Jackson jumpsuit I purchased
in a lot on eBay. I added the Dharma Swan logo and 
Roger Work Man personalization on pocket with iron-on transfers.
I also dirtied up the jumpsuit and frayed the pocket to add a 
little age and authenticity. 

Ben is dressed in the Al Bundy outfit also available at
I removed the tie and jacket to use on other LOST megos.
Ben's messenger bag came from an Action Jackson WWII
army set. You'll see more of those accessories used for 
John Locke kitbashes.

The water bottle (also available at CTVT singly, in 3 packs 
& 7 packs ) was customized with a Dharma label.


Monday, February 14, 2011

Get LOST with JOpinionated: LOST for a Cause, Swag for Support

Get LOST with JOpinionated: LOST for a Cause, Swag for Support: "Would you like to own a small piece of LOST history, and support an amazing cause in the process? Thanks to the inspiring generosity of Jo..."
I think this is the best post I could make on Valentine's Day...this truly is an act of love and friendship on Jo's part. Please follow link and donate for your chance to help a very worthy cause and possibly win awesome LOST swag.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Kate's Horse

There will be quite a few "Fun with LOST Megos"
posts as I customize my Bif Bang Pow! figures and 
acquire more accessories and outfits for them.

This scene will have to be recreated again when there is actual 
LIVING vegetation in my yard this spring.
I also need to make a burgundy tank for Kate to properly
capture the scene from "What Kate Did".

The horse is a vintage Breyer Traditional Foundation Stallion.
Breyer horses are made in 1:9 scale, same as LOST Megos.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Not Penny's Boat by JuiceBox Clothing

I just love this shirt!
Charlie's Sacrifice has always been
one of the most emotional moments of LOST for me.
I purchased it from JuiceBox Clothing after
following a link on Twitter.

The shirt pictured is a men's medium that
I bought for a friend. (The ladies' small that I
purchased for myself didn't fit over dressform properly.)
The shirt seems to run a bit small,
so I suggest ordering up a size.

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Jacob "Customized"

I am really enjoying playing with and customizing my 
LOST Mego figures from BifBangPow!

While initially disappointed that Jacob did not 
resemble the pro-type as much as I would
have liked, I have really enjoyed creating a few props
for him. The first is a loom I fabricated from 2 plain
wood pencils, a handful of skewers cut to size, 
hot glue gun and some twine.

The current tapestry is for the #SaveLostMegos
campaign on Twitter. It will eventually
be replaced by Jacob's tapestry as
soon as I buy some more iron-on tranfers.

I also fabricated a fish cage for Jacob. It is made of skewers 
cut to size, honeysuckle vine and a bit of hot glue.