Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fun With LOST Megos: Santa Rosa Hurley

I thought it only fitting that I create a Santa Rosa "diorama"
for Mego Hurley since he came dressed in his bathrobe and 
slippers. And I knew I wanted a Connect Four game
to be included in the scene.

I created the backdrop from cardboard. I got the 
inspiration  to use foam alphabet blocks from a screencap 
of the game room at Santa Rosa. 

The table and folding chairs are wrestling props from the
Jakks Pacific wrestling figures. The wrestling accessories
are a gold mine but also come with some unique problems....
The table is a "breakaway" table for staging wrestling scenes.

I certainly didn't want it collapsing during a rousing game
of Connect Four, so I super-glued along the "break" and then 
covered the top with black craft foam and trimmed to size.

The Connect Four game presented another issue.
I played around with a couple of ideas that yielded
less than desirable results. I finally settled on 
constructing it of craft foam: cheap and easy to work 
with. I printed out graph paper I customized to
5 grids per inch at

The next step was to adhere it to the foam piece.
I used a double-sided roll-on tape that is intended for
 scrapbooking.  I was assured it was quite strong and
 that I could also use it to assemble the Connect Four game.

I then trimmed the foam along grid lines, allowing a one 
square border around 7 squares wide and 6 squares tall.

I purchased a 1/8" hole punch to make the holes, 
one in  each square.

 I filled the holes with discs in red and black foam.

I repeated for the reverse side of the game, since the craft 
foam is thin and one sheet wasn't stable enough.
The reverse side was made using the mirror image of the 
front of the game. I trimmed it out with blue foam.
I had to use a thick black foam for the stand since that 
particular thickness wasn't available in blue.

I was fairly satisfied with the result, though now that I
have a better mastery of the process, I will probably
make another Connect Four. 

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