Friday, February 18, 2011

More Fun With LOST Megos: Roger Linus

One of the first custom projects I have attempted with my LOST 
Megos is creating the skeletal remains of Roger Linus. 
Scott Adams posted the project on his blog, 
and I was inspired to duplicate his efforts.
He made Dharma beer cans to scatter around Roger, but 
I decided to to be a little more "sarcastic" with my scene.

"Gee Dad, you're looking a little dehydrated.....Water?"

Roger is made from an 8" skeleton purchased from 
I used some stain and brown paint to "age" the bones.
He is dressed in a vintage Action Jackson jumpsuit I purchased
in a lot on eBay. I added the Dharma Swan logo and 
Roger Work Man personalization on pocket with iron-on transfers.
I also dirtied up the jumpsuit and frayed the pocket to add a 
little age and authenticity. 

Ben is dressed in the Al Bundy outfit also available at
I removed the tie and jacket to use on other LOST megos.
Ben's messenger bag came from an Action Jackson WWII
army set. You'll see more of those accessories used for 
John Locke kitbashes.

The water bottle (also available at CTVT singly, in 3 packs 
& 7 packs ) was customized with a Dharma label.


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