Saturday, February 5, 2011

Jacob "Customized"

I am really enjoying playing with and customizing my 
LOST Mego figures from BifBangPow!

While initially disappointed that Jacob did not 
resemble the pro-type as much as I would
have liked, I have really enjoyed creating a few props
for him. The first is a loom I fabricated from 2 plain
wood pencils, a handful of skewers cut to size, 
hot glue gun and some twine.

The current tapestry is for the #SaveLostMegos
campaign on Twitter. It will eventually
be replaced by Jacob's tapestry as
soon as I buy some more iron-on tranfers.

I also fabricated a fish cage for Jacob. It is made of skewers 
cut to size, honeysuckle vine and a bit of hot glue.

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