Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mal Reynolds Firefly Print

Okay, I realize this is a Firefly print,
but since Nathan Fillion portrayed
Kevin Callis on LOST, I'm including it
in this collection blog.
"I don't care. I'm still free. You can't take that away from me"
by drMikey aka Mike Stanton.

LOST Lighthouse Tshirt & tote

Ian Knight aka Zort70, the administrator at LostArgs.com,
designed an amazing shirt incorporating the lighthouse.
He incorporated many LostArger names in the "Candidate band"
 around the compass. I am "Candidate 69".
I ordered both a Tshirt and beach tote with the design.

Monday, May 30, 2011

"Don't Let Them Touch" by Armando Chainsawhands

 I purchased this print some time ago, 
but forgot to post it until now.
"Don"t Let Them Touch"
by Armando Chainsawhands
echoes the warning from
Dr. Edgar Halliwax in 
for Station 6 - The Orchid

My print is #15/50.

Paperpals: Jack

Jack Shephard PaperPal

Paperpals: Charlie

Charlie Pace Paperpal

LOST The Final Season Coasters

This pair of 4" cardboard coasters came from the
ESPN Sports Center & Restaurant
in Disney World.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

"In a Forest, Dark and Deep" Program

Chris Leaning, my amazing friend and confidant
recently attended a performance of 
"In a Forest, Dark and Deep"
starring Matthew Fox.
He sent me a program from the play.

LOST Finale Anniversary Tshirt

Ian Knight aka Zort70, 
the administrator at LostArgs.com,
 designed this fantastic shirt for the one
year anniversary of the LOST Finale.
It can be purchased at CafePress:

Thursday, May 26, 2011

"Postcards From The Island" by Yehudi Mercado

A Twitter link once again lead me to an awesome
LOST-themed find, this one coinciding 
with the one year LOST Finale anniversary.
"Postcards From the Island"
by Yehudi Mercado.

The 13 card set was a bonus with purchase
of "Buffalo Speedway", a graphic 
novel about pizza delivery drivers.

Each card is much larger than the average
postcard, measuring 5.5" x8.5".











back of all the cards

Monday, May 23, 2011

"Answers" By Jesse Weeks: A LOST Anniversary Tribute [HD]

This says it better than I ever could. Enjoy.

                                The single "Answers" is also available in iTunes.
                                 I highly recommend adding it to your playlists.

Rittenhouse LOST Relic Trading Cards - More Costume Cards

Sun Kwon costume card #200/350
This card contains fragment taken from
Sun's top in "D.O.C." My particular card 
contains piece of a sleeve ruffle.

Sayid Jarrah costume card #221/350.
The card contains bit of shirt worn by Sayid in several 
episodes - including "316", "Namaste" & "He's Our You".

Rittenhouse LOST Relic Trading Cards - More Autographs

I bought three additional LOST Relic Autograph
cards in addition to those included in the 
two packs of LOST Relic cards I purchased.

Kimberly Joseph/Cindy Chandler Autograph card

Kenton Duty/young Jacob Autograph card

John Hawkes/Lennon Autograph card

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mittelos Bioscience

I added a Mittelos Bioscience decal to the Dharma Mobile 
some time ago, but forgot to post photo. The decal
was made by Chris Jones, who also made the awesome
Oceanic and Hanso Foundation banners from earlier posts.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Rittenhouse LOST Relic Trading Cards - Pack 2

The second package of the new Rittenhouse cards yielded 
an fantastic selection of cards - as varied as the first package:

Adetokumboh McCormack Autograph card, Mr. Cluck's 
Chicken Shack Signage card,  Goodwin Stanhope costume card 
and Walt Lloyd costume card.

Adetokumboh McCormack Autograph card

Mr. Cluck's Chicken Shack Signage card #121/350
containing fragment of the actual Mr. Cluck's Chicken 
Shack sign as seen in the Season 2 episode "Everybody
Hates Hugo" and the Season 6 episode
 "Everybody Loves Hugo".

Goodwin Stanhope Costume card # 17/350.
containing bit of Goodwin's shirt. My guess is the shirt 
is from the Season 2 episode "The Other 48 Days", due 
to the amount of "blood" on the shirt. My particular
card is of a very bloody section.....

Walt Lloyd costume card #82/350, containing bit of 
Walt's  shirt from "The Pilot", either Part 1 or Part 2.
1x02 BeginningOfAFriendship.jpg

I have also purchased a few individual cards on eBay.
I'll detail those cards in upcoming posts.

Rittenhouse LOST Relic Trading Cards

Rittenhouse released its third set of LOST Trading cards May 11.
It is an awesome set, containing 8 autograph cards, 
30 wardrobe cards, and relic cards featuring signage for 
both Mr. Cluck's Chicken Shack and a piece of Oceanic 815.

I still haven't acquired all of the cards from the Rittenhouse
LOST Seasons 1-5 and LOST Archive sets, but am only
missing a couple of cards from each set. The search for the 
missing cards at the right price is half the fun though.

I ordered two packages of the new LOST Relic cards
to keep me pacified for the time being. They are pricey, each 
pack runs about $50 and contains 1 autograph card
and 3 relic or costume cards.

The first pack yielded a jackpot!
Damon Lindelof Autograph card, Rose Nadler Costume card,
Naomi Dorrit Costume card & Miles Straume costume card.

Rose #257/350
This costume piece is from the LOST Finale "The End".

Naomi #324/350
This costume piece is from the Season 3 episode "Catch-22"
and conains a piece of Naomi's parachute suit.

Miles #229/350
This costume card is from the Season 5 episode
"Some Like It Hoth", and features Miles sweater.
5x13 Pierced Miles.png

The next post will feature the cards from package two.