Saturday, May 7, 2011

PaperPals: Sayid

My friend known as Lottery_Ticket tweeted a link for LOST
character paper dolls a week or so ago. 

I have been trying to have a little restraint lately, so only ordered
a Sayid and Desmond PaperPal doll initially.

THEN I saw the photo of the set that Lottery_Ticket
purchased and all resolve vanished. Complete set is on its way....

(She added all sorts of props made from scans of LOST Auction
catalog. AWESOME!)

I purchased Sayid PaperPal with the express intent of using him
as a reminder/warning of clean knives to be unloaded in the dishwasher.
Inspired by the epically badass scene in "Because You Left", 
I thought Sayid would be much more effective reminder than a 
"clean" magnet on the dishwasher.

I laminated the Sayid PaperPal (for easy cleaning), 
and attached him to dishwasher with a small bit of Velcro.

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