Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Teefury recently featured another LOST-themed shirt.
DR LOST is a Doctor Who/LOST Mashup,
featuring the Tardis and our favorite time travelers, 
Daniel Faraday and Desmond Hume.


  1. sorry, man, but blogspot is shit now; as a fellow lostie and a a keeper of a lostblog as well, i feel bad that you have all these amazing (and envying) posts that don't get any comment at all

    i suggest you move your blog to Tumblr; you'd get a lot of the same lostpedia community drooling all over your posts, unlike here

  2. It's okay if no one ever sees or comments on posts. I started this blog for me...pretty much what it says in the heading. I wanted to see what (and how much) Lost memorabilia and merchandise I have acquired. I still have about four of those huge storage bins full of stuff I haven't even gotten to yet.

    It would be a chore to import this whole thing to tumblr, but I'll give it some consideration. Thanks arvee!