Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sketch Card - Laura Inglis


An original sketch of John Locke.
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Post 108 (Woo Hoo!) - The Fan Club Kits



I purchased both of the Fan Club Kits that were available through Creation Entertainment. Many of the items from both kits have been displayed in earlier posts.
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LOST The Final Season/LOST The Auction

...a 5x7 card from Comic Con 2009. The front of the card promotes LOST The Final Season 2010, and the back details a preview showing of items from LOST The Auction, May 2010. Many of the items that will be auctioned were displayed at Comic Con this past summer.
Comic Con '09 front Comic Con '09 back

The auction items were also previewed at D23 Expo, along with a display for LOST University.
This 5x7 card promoted LOST the Final Season on the front, and the auction on the back.
D23 Expo front D23 Expo back

A small lapel pin for LOST The Final Season was also handed out to attendees.
Final Season pin

Autographs - K

Malcolm David Kelley Malcolm David Kelley card
Malcolm David Kelley - Walt Lloyd (8x10 COA Autograph World, LLC, Authentic Inkworks Season 1 Autograph card)

Daniel Dae Kim
Daniel Dae Kim - Jim Kwon (COA & signing proof Kevin Smith)

Yunjin Kim Yunjin Kim Revelations Yunjin Kim Season 2 card
Yunjin Kim - Sun Kwon (8x10 COA Superstar Gallery, Authentic Inkworks Revelations Autograph card, Authentic Inkworks Season 2 Autograph card)

Swoosie Kurtz card
Swoosie Kurtz - Emily Locke (Authentic Inkworks Season 1 Autograph card)

Autographs I - J

Zeljko Ivanek
Zeljko Ivanek - Edmund Burke (COA Autograph World, LLC)

Nick Jamieson card
Nick Jameson - Richard Malkin (Authentic Inkworks Season 1 Autograph card)

Kimberly Joseph Kimberly Joseph card
Kimberly Joseph - Cindy Chandler (8x10 COA Autograph World, LLC, Authentic Inkworks Season 2 Autograph card)

Autographs - H

Veronica Hamel card
Veronica Hamel - Margo Shephard (Authentic Inkworks Revelations Autograph card)

Evan Handler
Evan Handler- Dave/Hurley's Imaginary Friend (COA Emil Tierno Autographs)

Josh Holloway Josh Holloway card Josh Holloway Auto/Pieceworks
Josh Holloway - James "Sawyer" Ford (8x10 Memorabilia Point, Authentic Inkworks Season 1 Autograph card, Autograph/Pieceworks card)

Neil Hopkins Neil Hopkins card
Neil Hopkins - Liam Pace (8x10 COA STARCOLLECTOR, Authentic Inkworks Revelations Autograph card)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bobblehead Wish Granted

I mentioned in an earlier post that I wished Bif Bang Pow! would release more LOST Bobbleheads. Wish GRANTED! I preordered the Daniel Faraday and Dr. Mark Halliwax bobbleheads from Entertainment Earth today. They are scheduled for January release.
Daniel Faraday Bobblehead

Lunch with LOST (sounded better than LOST my Lunch)

I can take LOST with me at lunch:
From andalone

or with a beverage:
From andalone

Baggage Claim

No, I am not referring to the 88-Keys recording made for The LOST Underground Art Project. But you can listen to it here:
Baggage Claim by 88-keys

There are a number of LOST travel bags in my collection.

..a travel bag given away at the Season One DVD Release party, complete with a promo pin:
From andalone
From andalone
From andalone

and the Official Oceanic flight bag:
From andalone

a LOST messenger bag:
From andalone

a Dharma Hydra Station tote:
From andalone

and an awesome Ogio backpack, a gift from TPTB to the LOST Season 3 crew members. I obtained this directly from a crew member. (notice the Dharma patch with a 3 replacing the S in LOST)
From andalone
From andalone

LOST in my Wardrobe

These are three of the LOST Tshirts in my wardrobe. I wear them on a regular basis: The Numbers, The Hanso Foundation & Geronimo Jackson.
From andalone
From andalone
From andalone

abc 2008 Promo Magnet

This was a 5x7 magnet released by abc in the Spring of 2008 (following Writer's Guild Strike) to promote it's prime-time lineup. Lost aired on Thursday nights for Season 4.
From andalone


I have already shared photos of my Apollo and LU caps. Here is a earlier LOST cap with The Numbers embroidered on the back...
From andalone
From andalone
...and a LOST bucket hat. The bucket hat is embellished with pins from Season 1.
From andalone
From andalone

Channel 4 LOST Promo Film Cells

I have a small 5-frame snippet of film cell from the Channel 4 LOST promo done in the UK, directed by David La Chapelle. (I held it up in front of lampshade for close-up.) It is displayed in a magnetic-style acrylic frame.
LOST Film cell in frame

A full-length version of the video is on The LOST Season 2 DVD set. A short version can be seen below.