Sunday, January 31, 2010

Framed! The Numbers by Tim Doyle

This print was the first release in The LOST Underground Art Project. My print is #184/300.

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Framed! The Swan Station by Rob Jones

The Swan Station by Rob Jones was the 10th print released in the LOST Underground Art Project. My print is #124/300.

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Framed! The Hatch by Kevin Tong

My print is #163/300.


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LOST Corner #3

The Crash by Eric Tan #159/300, The Dharma Van by Methane Studios #138/300, The Hatch Painting by Jack Bender, You All, Everybody by Jim MacLeod #8/50, and one of the Dharma Swan signs from Season 2, with the framed screenshot and COA.

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Framed! "The Hatch Painting" by Jack Bender

This speaks for itself. I only regret not having it framed sooner. The original LOST art:

***UPDATE - May 4, 2010***
There has been a lot of interest in this entry.
 I noticed the print was featured in today's "Totally Lost" at
There are still copies available here:
The Hatch Painting
Copies signed by Jack Bender are $45, unsigned $25.
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LOST Corner #2

This is the second corner of the LOST room in my house. Most of the items have been displayed in previous posts. I recently relocated the Season 5 cast-signed poster to this corner. Some of the LOST Underground Art Project posters will hang in its previous location. The prints are coming back from the framer today, so I will post the 3rd LOST corner later.
*note: The vial of ash mentioned in previous post can be seen displayed near the Kate action figure.
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Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Loss of Sanity and Rationality

I am pretty well convinced that any sanity or rationality I may have once possessed has vanished. Case in point: I bought DIRT on ebay. Yes, you read that right. I BOUGHT DIRT! (But it is awesome dirt.) About 2 years ago, I saw a listing on ebay for a vial of the ash/dirt that surrounded Jacob's cabin in episode 3.20(when Ben first takes Locke to the cabin to see Jacob.)

Fans of LOST were vacationing in Hawaii and while on a tour of LOST filming locations, discovered that some of the ash still remained at the site. Below is picture of the site and screencap of same location from Episode 3.20. The final photo is the ash being collected by the ebay seller's relative. I have the vial on display with my LOST McFarlane action figures.



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*EDIT* After seeing the first few episodes of Season 6, I feel a little less foolish for having purchased the ash. It is way more important to the story than I could have ever imagined.

Entertainment Weekly Insert - Part II

Sun and Jin are picture with a runway fading into water, with Oceanic plane skimming the surface of the water.

This is my favorite image from the insert. Sawyer and Juliet are pictured back to back, Juliet staring into the clouds...Heaven?, and water behind Sawyer.

The final photo of brochure depicts Richard and "dearly departed" characters, Charlie, Faraday,Boone and Jacob, posed on steps of ruins, in the shadow of a city.

All of the photos will require further study.
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Entertainment Weekly Insert - Part I

The inside cover contains a Verizon ad and a note from Damon and Carlton:

The promotional pictures in the insert have a water/reflective theme. There are a lot of hidden images, reflections and symbolism in the photos. Jack's reflection is in the water in first picture and Claire can be seen as a reflection between Jack and Kate. The shadow of a plane rises above Kate.

A Dharma Swan logo lies just below the surface in the photo of Ben and Locke.

Taweret can be seen in the windows of the horizontal building in the photo of Sayid and Hurley.
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I had a bittersweet moment when opening the current issue of Entertainment Weekly. An ad for the premiere of LOST The Final Season stared back at me. It is really going to be over in just a few months.

The issue also contained an really beautifly done insert. Below is the cover (front and back) I will scan and post the inside pages in the next few entries.

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Saturday, January 16, 2010

LOST Skate Deck

The skate deck I ordered at TimebombOfResponsibility was just delivered. It is awesome! The image on the site did not do it justice! I cannot wait to go buy mounting hardward and display it properly in my LOST room. *Trust me, click on the photo below to enlarge for full effect of the skate deck.
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Geek Chic Dharma Dining


I was inspired by the Shawarma Tshirt to make some dining linens. I already had the Dharma glassware (detailed in earlier post). I used the Chang design from the LOST Underground Art Project reveal in Chicago's 44th Ward Dinner Party as image for the napkin. I downloaded the cutlery silhouettes and Dharma logo for the placemat. I made 4 place settings using iron-on transfers of images. I plan on using these on LOST Tuesdays. I am waiting on a Dharma drop to restock the pantry. *You can see a little bit of poster #2, Locke's Secret by Olly Moss and You All, Everybody by Jim MacLeod in the background.
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Shawarma Tshirt

This was the featured design at TeeFury a couple of weeks ago. Mine was delivered yesterday. The design inspired me to create the items in my next post.
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Monday, January 11, 2010

The LOST Underground Art Project Shadowbox

I completed my DCaaPB shadowbox tonight. It contains reveal swag and mementos from the reveals, as well as a few items that are exclusive and personal to me. A huge thank you goes to the wonderful friends who were generous to send some of the items my way:

*Sue aka AZSue/seaque for the "IThinkThatManWasYou" bookmark from reveal #5 at The University of Arizona bookstore
*Alice aka comixguru for the "I <3 My Shih-Tzu Tshirt (previous post) from reveal #7 at Rusty's Discount Pet Center. I used the shirt as a mast for my poster tube raft (pictured), also thanks to Alice for the custom-designed name tag made for reveal #16 at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles. *88-Keys for "Baggage Claim" which contained the url for frame #9 *Mary Ann aka lostgeekglaskow for the Widmore Publishing backer board from reveal #11 in Glasgow. *Amy Lynn for "DidYouBuryIt" ping pong ball from reveal #13 at Spin in NYC. *Clay aka jarofclay73 for high-res scans of Ajira travel brochure & contents from reveal #14 in Hawaii. *Anne for Chang napkin from 44th Ward in Chicago, the site of the 15th reveal. *All of my friends at the Gallery 1988 LOST Art Exhibit who carried Head-On-A-Stick: comixguru, maven, Justin, and especially Lottery Ticket. *MIb for sending me the limited edition Expose mug, given to her by Darlton. WOW! Amazing! *Rob Perrin for inspiring the inclusion of a F5 key in my display. *Brett aka Hefty for the 'Disciples of Tyson' button. *Thorsten Wulff for compiling the wonderful LostArgs poster presented to TPTB at Gallery 1988. *Ian Knight aka Zort70, the incredibly patient adminstrator at He kept everyone in line and focused, before, during and after each reveal. *The Cadre members, especially Miles aka ReverendMilo. Your antics brought a smile to my face every day. *THE ARTISTS! Wow! The contributions these talented people made are amazing. *All the wonderful friends I have made over the last six all made this a wonderful experience.



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Sunday, January 10, 2010

I <3 My Shih-Tzu


This is a Tshirt from the the seventh reveal of The LOST Underground Art Project. The reveal was at Rusty's Discount Pet Center in Studio City, CA. The url for the poster sale was printed inside the neck of the Tshirt. The shirt is a replica of the one Hurley purchased from the convenience store in the Season 5 episode "The Lie". I framed the shirt as a memento of the DCaaPB experience. It was acquired from someone who attended the reveal and later became a close friend. Thanks Alice!
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Friday, January 8, 2010

Donruss Americana II (2008) - Mira Furlan

Mira Furlan is featured on card # 156 of the 2008 Donruss Americana II release.

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Donruss Century Celebrity Cuts - Yunjin Kim Costume Card

The costume card is numbered 80/100.

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