Monday, October 31, 2011

LOST Season 5 Production Artwork: Jacob's Chamber

This is a limited edition (of 25) print of
the color artist rendition of
Jacob's chamber in the base of Taweret.
I acquired the print from the individual who
purchased the entire lot of the Season 5 Artwork
from the LOST Auction.

The print measures 11" x 17"and is numbered 3/25. It is just beautiful!

I plan on hanging it just beneath Jason Munn's print of
"The Four-Toed Statue", print #6 of the
LOST Undeground Art Project.

***UPDATE 10/22/12***
Jacob's Chamber actually ended up
being displayed in my office.

I am constantly rearranging my LOST art
to make space for new purchases and
sometimes things don't go according to plan.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Henry Gale Balloon Map

I purchased this limited edition copy of *Henry Gale's*
 map to the hot air balloon 
from the person who purchased the original
at the LOST Auction. The map is copied
onto one of the 26 ORIGINAL Brothers Karamazov title
pages included in Auction Lot #318.

So this is an original AND a reproduction.....
(but the price was right - my winning bid was $1.09,

Below is the description from the eBay listing and
scan of the COA copy included with the map:

5"X8"   "HENRY GALE [BEN LINUS] MAP TO HIS HOT AIR BALLON" **There were 26 authentic "The Brothers Karamazov" Title pages included in the official Lost Auction [Lot # 318] -We have taken those 26 authentic extra pages & had the map to the balloon copied on the backside - JUST LIKE THE ORIGINAL MAP WAS!   [original was in pencil -these are copies] - GREAT DETAILS!  LIMITED EDITION OF ONLY 26 COPIES MADE -ON THE ORIGINAL AUTHENTIC BOTHERS KARAMAZOV PAGES -Each one is individually numbered #'ed out of 26 . This is a limited edition copy of the original LOST PRODUCTION PIECE FROM THE PRODUCTION/MAKING OF LOST & FROM THE OFFICIAL LOST AUCTION Aug 21&22, 2010 - lot #318 & comes with a color copy of the original Lost Auction COA from ABC/Profiles in History. again this is an affordable, limited edition "reproduction copy -on original/authentic auction page" 

Monday, October 24, 2011

D23: Dharma Patch

Amy B./Nerderific also purchased a
D23 Dharma Patch  for me (in addition to the 
Mega Lotto Jackpot magnet detailed in an earlier post.)  

The patch is larger than any of the other
Dharma patches in my collection, measuring 
a little more than 4 1/2 inches across.

Both the patch and the magnet are from
the Walt Disney Archives Collection.

According to the back of the packaging,
the Walt Disney Archives recently
unearthed a previously unknown
activity of the Dharma Initiative, known only by
the enigmatic symbol D23.
In truth, D23 is Disney's version of
Comic Con.

"LOST...and Found" by JJ Harrison

JJ Harrison of released this 
comic around the time of the LOST Auction in August 2010.
I think Sawyer undervalued his pricing....

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Autograph: Kristin Richardson

Kristin Richardson is another of my recent
LOST cast autograph acquisitions.
Kristin portrayed Jessica in the Season 1
episode "Confidence Man".

Ms. Richardson signed an 8" x 10" photo.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Autograph: Mark Pellegrino

I previously only had Mark Pellegrino's autograph
in the form of LOST Trading cards until
this 10" x 8" signed photo recently
arrived. The photo itself
is a screencap from the Season 5
Finale "The Incident Part I".

(John Locke can be seen in the background, just after being 
pushed from the window by Anthony Cooper.)