Sunday, June 27, 2010

LOST Season 3 DVD Promo Items

Promotional items for LOST Season Three on DVD were mailed in a Dharma Initiative Box. The contents of the box included three sugar cookies in the shape of fish biscuits and two Oceanic Airline luggage tags. The fish biscuits are not the same as those seen on-screen in episodes of LOST. (They look like giant pink goldfish crackers.) But they are "official" and still pretty special.



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LOST Aluminum Water Bottle

Aluminum water bottle with sport clip. Uber cool.

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LOST Season Six Emmy DVD



This is the "For Your EMMY Consideration" DVD for Season 6 of LOST. It contains the 2-hour Series Finale.
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Saturday, June 26, 2010

LOST at work - Wall 4

I've hung ten of the FroDesign prints in my office. The two remaining prints in the Deluxe Set, Mother and Eye Wide Shut, are hanging elsewhere.


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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Maintenance and Updates

I am in the processing of transferring photos of some of my collection from photobucket to Picasa Web Albums. Early posts were made with very small photos before I began posting directly from Picasa. I was unhappy with the layout, so am taking the time to revise some entries. I should probably take some replacement pictures as well. As mentioned before, my photography skills are severely lacking. But if you squint, everything looks a little better.

There should be some new pictures and posts appearing shortly. I've been coping with the loss of LOST by adding to the LOST art collection, as well as numerous purchases of on-screen props and other merchandise. My postman is earning an inflated Christmas bonus. I feel like I am doing my little part to boost the economy....

Sunday, June 20, 2010

LOST - Denial by Fro Design

FroDesign, like so many of us, is in denial about the end of LOST.  
He has created a "What If" series of prints on LOST, Season 7.
A new print releases every Tuesday.  

Episode 7.1:  Die Together, Live Alone
From Blogger Pictures

Episode 7.2:  Meet Henry Gale
From Blogger Pictures

Episode 7.3:  Cat's Cradle
From Blogger Pictures

Episode 7.4:  The Purge
From Blogger Pictures

Episode 7.5:  Badlands
From Blogger Pictures

The first four prints are sold out,
but it appears the Starter Package of all four is still available.
Badlands, Episode 7.5 is still available as well.

LOST The End - Eye Wide Shut - by FroDesign

The last FroDesign print from the finale is also
my absolute favorite from
the Deluxe Collection.
It is also one of my favorite LOST prints period.
The image is haunting and beautifully executed.
My print is #40/42.

From andalone

FroDesign made this print available as a Tshirt as well,
in a limited edition of 42.
It can be purchased here:
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LOST The End - Dutch Coffee by FroDesign

The third FroDesign Print from finale
is Dutch Coffee. My print is #18/42.
...Juliet's dying words to Sawyer and her
reawakening words to him in the Sideways afterlife.

From andalone

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LOST The End - New Sheriff by FroDesign

The second FroDesign print from the finale
is titled New Sheriff. It depicts
Hurley as the new protector of the island.
My print is #9/42.

From andalone
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LOST The End by FroDesign

FroDesign created four prints for the finale of LOST.
The first is titled The End, and depicts the battle
between Jack and Locke/MIB.
My print is #9/42.

From andalone
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Saturday, June 19, 2010

No He Doesn't Get to Save His Daughter by FroDesign

...Ben's words to Locke/MIB in the episode
"What They Died For"
My print is #8/42.

From andalone

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John Locke Bobble Head

My John Locke Bobble Head was delivered this morning!
I was so excited when I received the shipping notice from
Entertainment Earth earlier this week, since JL wasn't
scheduled for release until August.
John Locke Bobble Head has joined his buddies.

From andalone

From andalone
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Mother by FroDesign

This is the second of my three favorite prints from
FroDesign Deluxe Collection.
It is titled Mother.
It features MIB's (in John Locke suit)
admission to Kate.
My print is #8 of 42.

From andalone

personal sidenote:
My son came across this print on his own and
asked me to purchase it for him. His words?
"It really speaks to me."
I'm not sure what that means...if it is a
statement about me, or what?
He did say that I wear my hair "up" too sometimes.
So I made my own silhouette with black
construction paper. I don't think I look anything like "Mother".

From andalone

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I'll Never Leave You Again By FroDesign

This print is one of my top three favorites from
the FroDesign Deluxe Collection.
I think it beautifully captures the poignancy of
the deaths of Jin and Sun.
My print is #38/42.

From andalone

FroDesign made this print available as a Tshirt as well,
in a limited edition of 42.
It can be purchased here:
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LOST Faces by FroDesign

This print has many images to digest...
Man In Black and Jacob centrally positioned,
with polar bears flanking them and Locke and Jack
on the periphery.
Taweret, Oceanic 815, and the Frozen Donkey Wheel
appear, with "the numbers"
woven throughout.
A quote from John Locke appears at the bottom
of the print:
"I have looked into the eye of this island, and what I saw was beautiful."

My print is #9/42

From andalone

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The Last Recruit by FroDesign

The Last Recruit episode 6-13 by FroDesign
features quotes from
Jack, Hurley, Locke,
and Desmond to Sayid.
My print is #19/42

From andalone

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