Friday, July 29, 2011

Miss Placed

I made a Dharmond tiara & ordered
custom sash to wear at the LOSTie party
Wednesday night at The Barracks.

I also intended to wear them to the 
EW Totally LOST panel at Comic Con.
However, intentions and reality did not
meet as planned. The only time I actually
wore the sash and tiara was for a 
pose with blue bunny.
(photo courtesy Chris Leaning)

Dharma Chefs

I spent months prior to my trip to San Diego and Comic Con
making decorations, party favor bags, Dharma labels and
just about anything else I could think of to give
"The Barracks" and the LOSTie party
as definitive a LOST theme as possible.

So, my preparations included a couple of 
Dharma accessories to be worn at The Barracks.
The first of these was a Dharma apron & chef's hat.

I decorated the apron with an iron-on transfer and
used the Dharma Chef patch that was included
with the LOST Season 5 special Dharma Initiative
Blu-Ray set.

Head Chef MEL wore the hat and apron
while preparing his special Dharma chili.

Grillmaster Kiwilostie later wore the hat & apron 
while preparing dinner for the group at The Barracks.
(photo courtesy Bonnie J Green)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Comic Con/The Barracks

I just returned from a mind-boggling week in 
San Diego for Comic Con 2011.
The trip was fantastic! I met amazing Losties, 
shared accomodations with a group of online friends 
that I finally got to met in person and generally geeked out.

Once-in-a-lifetime experiences abounded.....
a LOSTie party at "The Barracks" 
(the name we dubbed the two adjacent condos 
our group rented for the week), 
attending the world premieres
of Captain America and Cowboys and Aliens, 
a tour through Disney animation studios and the abc lot
by my friend Alice/comixguru
(lots of poses in front of building 23, 
the former home of the LOST writers and
more pictures of the office directory in the building where
Darlton and the gang now have offices.)
and the amazing LOST panel hosted by Jeff Jensen
and Dan Snierson from EW.

There were so many highlights to the trip that it may take a few
days to let it all sink in. My LOST collection has also expanded
with autographs, mementos, gifts from my friends 
at The Barracks, and so many photos that it will
take weeks to process and organize them all.

Stay tuned for new posts from the trip.
Today I return to my real life (boo!)
and back to work.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Eloise Hawking by Alex Craft

My son Alex has completed another LOST 
stencil painting. The first was of Desmond,
done in the style of some of drMikey's
LOST paintings.
 This time Alex opted to go for
a 3 color/layer stencil he made
from a screen capture of Eloise Hawking.

Alex created the painting for Eloise Hawking's biggest
fan - my friend, Matt Roeser. But he made one for me as well....
Moms get some consideration.
I'm very proud of Alex, I think painting is wonderful,

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Necklace from Evangeline Lilly's Personal Wardrobe Offered!

I was contacted by fellow LOST fan and collector, Madison Z.
for assistance in getting word out that she has another piece
of fantastic LOST-related memorabilia offered for sale.
I'll let her tell you about it in her own words:

For sale:  The authentic Rfavela turquoise choker worn 
by Evangeline Lilly when  she appeared on “The View”

This necklace was purchased directly from the owner of Rfavela (Claudia Cox) from an auction she did selling Rfavela jewelry items that Evangeline Lilly wore on her promo tour for Cannes film festival.  I managed to purchase the necklace which Claudia also told me was made in Canada at Evangeline’s Canadian home during holidays!  Evangeline Lilly is one of the 3 founders of Rfavela along with Claudia.  I have never worn this necklace, it was purchased for display and it is very beautiful. 

Although I did not get a COA with this because I bought it directly from the owner of Rfavela (don’t really need proof when you get it from her own store hehe), she did include a postcard of Hawaii signed on the back by herself which I can send as well.  Claudia not only is the owner of Rfavela, but also worked as Evangeline’s double during every season on Lost!  They were also roommates during the filming so you can be sure this is the EXACT necklace worn by Evangeline!

I’m asking $450, if you’re interested in owning a  piece of Lost/Evangeline history or have any questions, please email me (Madison) at

Note from Andalone again - 
I previously posted an entry about Claudia Cox
taken from The Vilcek Foundation Celebrates LOST

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

"Even Cowboys Cry Sometimes" by JJ Harrison

"Even Cowboys Cry Sometimes"
by JJ Harrison of
depicts the Exodus of Sawyer, Jin Michael and Walt.

when I draw it, it doesn't look like a very seaworthy vessel

PaperPals: John Locke

PaperPals: Hurley

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Geographical Study of LOST Retrospective by Jonah Adkins

I purchased a fantastic geographical study of THE ISLAND.
 Jonah Adkins is the cartographer.
It is available at imagekind.

Due to space considerations, I ordered the 16" x 20" map.
Larger sizes are available.

The map is really well done, including the location
of Dharma Stations and the important sites
as seen on LOST.

This is the second "LOST" map by Jonah Adkins 
in my collection. I previously posted a map
of The LOST Experience ARG.