Friday, July 29, 2011

Miss Placed

I made a Dharmond tiara & ordered
custom sash to wear at the LOSTie party
Wednesday night at The Barracks.

I also intended to wear them to the 
EW Totally LOST panel at Comic Con.
However, intentions and reality did not
meet as planned. The only time I actually
wore the sash and tiara was for a 
pose with blue bunny.
(photo courtesy Chris Leaning)


  1. First off, this is totally amazing. Second, where is the Barracks and can I come to a Lostie party?

    A fellow Lostie, all alone in her city

  2. PS. Is it OK if I put a picture of your crown on my tumblr and a LOST FB site I like? I will add a link to your page.

  3. The Barracks were 2 adjacent condos a group of LOSTies rented in San Diego for our trip to Comic Con this year. There will be a lot of posts about The Barracks in the weeks to come - amazing group of people You are welcome to use any all photos you like. Thanks!