Friday, July 29, 2011

Dharma Chefs

I spent months prior to my trip to San Diego and Comic Con
making decorations, party favor bags, Dharma labels and
just about anything else I could think of to give
"The Barracks" and the LOSTie party
as definitive a LOST theme as possible.

So, my preparations included a couple of 
Dharma accessories to be worn at The Barracks.
The first of these was a Dharma apron & chef's hat.

I decorated the apron with an iron-on transfer and
used the Dharma Chef patch that was included
with the LOST Season 5 special Dharma Initiative
Blu-Ray set.

Head Chef MEL wore the hat and apron
while preparing his special Dharma chili.

Grillmaster Kiwilostie later wore the hat & apron 
while preparing dinner for the group at The Barracks.
(photo courtesy Bonnie J Green)


  1. Ok so now I see what The Barracks is all about. You guys are so cool and so lucky. Why can't I find "others" like you around me??!!!

    Where do all live?
    A sad lonely Lostie

    PS. I've posted some of my special personal LOST items on various FB sites and my tumblr site if you want to check out my Lost credentials.

  2. We gathered from points all over the globe - 1 from NZ, 3 from England, 1 from Scotland, 1 from Canada and the rest from all over USA. We initially met during the LOST art poster drops in the LOST Underground Art Project ARG before Season 6.

  3. Thanks for the party favor bags andalone, we love them. The kids thought the broken compass was fascinating!

  4. ;) I thought a non-working compass was an appropriate addition to the bag.