Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Kevin Tong Sketchbooks

I recently purchased a set of three sketchbooks

Two of the covers were made from LOST Live posters
featuring Hurley.

I plan on using the Hurley cover sketchbook as my
San Diego Comic Con 2011 journal.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Another LOST TShirt

I purchased this LOST-themed Tshirt from 
TeeFury a few months ago.

Who knew the Smoke Monster was generated 
by a smoke machine? 
MiB holding the John Locke mask is kind of creepy though.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fun With LOST Megos: The Purge

I have had so much fun with customizing my 
Ben Linus LOST Mego. There is such a
wealth of costume changes for him on and off island.

I knew I wanted to include "The Purge"
when customizing him.

The jumpsuit was made by Mego Museum 
seamtress Theressa. I added the pocket
personalization with an iron-on transfer.

The gas mask was purchased on eBay. It was
described as a "child-sized" for a 1:6 scale figure.
It was the closest thing I could find to fit 1:9 scale 
so I trimmed it down and shortened the straps to
fit Ben properly. The bag was another eBay purchase,
a binocular bag for a 1:6 figure, but was the perfect 
size for a LOST Mego.

I found the gas cannister by following one of the links
It was also intended for a 1:6 scale figure, but was
correct size for the death gas Ben used on his father.

Framed! "Polar Bear" by Jay Ryan

Polar Bear was the 15th print released in 
The LOST Underground Art Project, Series 1.
I am so grateful to my friend, Karen Wikander,
 for obtaining it for me. I was seriously injured
the weekend it was released and she stepped
in as an amazing "poster buddy".

I framed it some time ago, but only just realized 
I had not posted it before now.

My print is #241/300

Just for Fun...
I placed my Mego-scaled polar bear in the high grass
(aka a clump of leaves from some spring bulbs)
in a similar pose to the print.

Monday, March 21, 2011

LOST Stamp Collection

I was inspired by Dharma Rainbow's benefit to raise money 
for the National Wildlife Federation.
The complete story here:
Six days, six clues, and the result was original 
LOST art that was awarded to the person who 
solved the riddle. A second LOST Stamp Collection
was auctioned on eBay.

I did not solve the puzzle, nor win the auction.
But I was so intrigued with the idea that
I assembled the collection on my own.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Autograph - Dane Justman

I just acquired the autograph of Dane Justman.
He was one of the "background" survivors of
Oceanic 815. 


LOST background cast of middle section survivors:
Background Cast

Friday, March 18, 2011

108 Objects From Flight 815 Hoodie

This zip-up hoodie from Threadless features a broken airplane
 inside a bagua on the front and the same plane outline on the 
back, comprised of 108 objects.  The shirt was designed
by Nathan W. Pyle. 

Monday, March 14, 2011

LOST Humanity: The Mythology and Themes of LOST by Pearson Moore

The Kindle edition of
LOST Humanity: The Mythology and Themes of LOST
was released March 11. The cost is only $3.99.

I have enjoyed Pearson Moore's LOST recaps for some
time, so I was very excited to purchase and read his book.
For now, the Kindle edition is the only format available.
But I am hoping a print version will be released soon.
I would like to add the book to my LOST library.

The print version is now available!

Dharma Initiative Floor Plans & Orientation Package

I recently purchased a set of
Dhama Initiative Floor Plans & Orientation Package
for Station 3 "The Swan"
from Paradigm Studios.

There are 8 sheets in the package, 
each measuring 17" x 11". 
The package is jam-packed with information.

Cover Page

The cover page is embossed with a raised seal near the bottom.

Page 2 - Orientation Information

Page 3 - Upper Level Plan View

Page 4 - Lower Level Plan View

Page 5 - Station Arrangements

Page 6 - Island Map and Location

Page 7 - Dharma Iconography

Page 8 - Dharma Food Labels

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Fun With LOST Megos: Dharma Chef Hurley

The Hurley figure from Bif Bang Pow! is constructed 
in such a way that I had to make compromises in 
dressing him in his Dharma jumpsuit.

Hurley's girth is derived form a small pillow sewn
into the blue Tshirt he came dressed in.
A similar, but smaller pillow is sewn into
the plaid pajama pants to pad his hiney.

I couldn't figure out a way to make a jumpsuit for
Hurley, incorporating his existing wardrobe for
proper padding (that didn't make him look pregnant),
so I went the easy route and ordered 
a Mego "fat body" sized jumpsuit from 
Theressa, the Mego Museum seamstress.

I purchased a "fat body" from 
and popped Hurley's head on it.

.....but this presented an additional issue.
The skin tone for LOST Megos is much lighter
than the original and reproduction Megos.
I wasn't as concerned about the hands, but
the discrepancy was very apparent at the neckline.
 So Hurley has a dickey. 

I added the pocket personalization and 
Dharma chef logo to the jumpsuit with
iron-on transfers. I added brown shoes, 
also from CTVT


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Custom LOST Vinymation: Charlie

Once again, Twitter proved to be a valuable resource 
for finding  unique and awesome items to add to my 
collection.  I initially followed this link:
and saw an amazing collection of custom 
LOST Vinylmations by Cesar Diaz.

There was an interview posted with Cesar Diaz that 
indicated the LOST Vinylmations were for sale.

I contacted him immediately and placed an order for 
Charlie. He was delivered yesterday.
The island is cleverly depicted on the Vinylmation ears.

Cesar paid great attention to detail, 
even including "Fate" painted on Charlie's
finger bandages.

Charlie stands about 3" tall. He is signed,
dated and numbered on the bottom.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

LOST Quotes Magnets

I recently purchased some LOST Quote magnets
after following a link on Twitter.

I put them on the file cabinets in my office to inspire 
me throughout the day.

Fun With LOST Megos: Motor Pool Kate

 As soon as I saw the Dharma jumpsuits my friend Scott 
had made for his Megos, (see lostmego.blogspot.com
I knew I would be ordering some as well. 
Truthfully, I attempted to make them on my own, 
but I am not accustomed to working on such a small scale
and my sewing machine did not cooperate either.

Theressa, a seamstress at Mego Museum did a wonderful 
job.  I added the personalization on the pocket and the
 Dharma logo patch.

Kate gets right to work on the Dharma Date car.

After a busy morning, Kate breaks for a delicious lunch 
prepared by Dharma Chef Hurley.

The Dharma placemats are miniature versions of some 
I made for myself: Geek Chic Dharma Dining

and finally, Kate thanks Hurley for a delicious meal.