Monday, March 14, 2011

Dharma Initiative Floor Plans & Orientation Package

I recently purchased a set of
Dhama Initiative Floor Plans & Orientation Package
for Station 3 "The Swan"
from Paradigm Studios.

There are 8 sheets in the package, 
each measuring 17" x 11". 
The package is jam-packed with information.

Cover Page

The cover page is embossed with a raised seal near the bottom.

Page 2 - Orientation Information

Page 3 - Upper Level Plan View

Page 4 - Lower Level Plan View

Page 5 - Station Arrangements

Page 6 - Island Map and Location

Page 7 - Dharma Iconography

Page 8 - Dharma Food Labels

1 comment:

  1. hi i see u have some dharma food labels. i created a cd rom with ALL the food labels and its for sale on my ebay page. its 14.99 and it has over 100 items and labels u can print. if interested please write to me at sakromo@ yahoo. com