Sunday, March 6, 2011

Fun With LOST Megos: Motor Pool Kate

 As soon as I saw the Dharma jumpsuits my friend Scott 
had made for his Megos, (see
I knew I would be ordering some as well. 
Truthfully, I attempted to make them on my own, 
but I am not accustomed to working on such a small scale
and my sewing machine did not cooperate either.

Theressa, a seamstress at Mego Museum did a wonderful 
job.  I added the personalization on the pocket and the
 Dharma logo patch.

Kate gets right to work on the Dharma Date car.

After a busy morning, Kate breaks for a delicious lunch 
prepared by Dharma Chef Hurley.

The Dharma placemats are miniature versions of some 
I made for myself: Geek Chic Dharma Dining

and finally, Kate thanks Hurley for a delicious meal.

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