Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Jimmy Kimmel "Aloha to LOST" Swag

Jimmy Kimmel hosted an 
"Aloha to LOST"
immediately following the Finale on
May 23, 2010.

I was at home watching, trying to wrap
my head around "The End"
and still uncontrollably sobbing.

The audience members received boxes 
of Dharma Initiative products, each signed
by one of the cast members appearing on 
"Aloha to LOST".

I recently acquired a Dharma product 
from someone who was in the audience...

Dharma Mac and Cheese,
signed by Naveen Andrews.

I purchased a shadow box to display the 
Macaroni and Cheese. (I am very particular about 
protecting items in my collection from dust and other contaminants)

Monday, December 9, 2013

LOST Christmas Tree

It's been awhile since I've posted here.
The demands of work and family 
have left little time for anything else.
I've continued to add to my LOST collection though,
so new posts to come shortly.

A few years ago, I purchased a LOST-themed ornament
for my Christmas tree. I was a little disappointed
as the Dharma Bagua was printed off-center.
 I paid around $12 for it.

Another LOST-themed ornament was destroyed
by Sawyer (the cat) claiming the Christmas tree
as his personal playground.

I decided to make a few additional LOST-themed
ornaments this year. As with most things LOST-related,
I got carried away and the end result was an entire
tree dedicated to LOST.

I began with 12 blank bisque discs purchased
from Oriental Trading Company for $17/dozen.
My injet print + decal paper + Mod Podge =
12 custom LOST ornaments!

I next decided to put my LOST-themed cookie cutters to use.
I made a dough of flour, water and salt, rolled it out
 and cut out the shapes.  I baked the flour "cookies"
for 1 hour and then cooled and painted.
I used nail polish that I get for cheap or free (with coupons)
 throughout the year. It makes for a much nicer finish than
regular acrylic paint. It also makes the ornaments A LOT
less fragile.

I made THE NUMBERS from six different colors of
 craft foam suspended on coordinating curling ribbon.

I filled 6 little vials with sand from the LOSTie Beach Camp.
(sent to me by a friend between Season 5 and 6)

 I purchased a computer ornament on eBay and
embellished it just a bit.

 I found a cute little Oceanic plane on Etsy.

I am thrilled with the results! The tree topper is the Hatch door
from my Swan Station Playset. The garlands are made from
shell leis saved from a 2001 trip to Hawaii.

Bad Robot is wearing my Yorkies's Santa hat.

The total cost for my tree was only $40.59 plus tax.
The tree came from an Ace Hardware one-day special for $9.99,
with free ship-to-store.
I spent $17 for the bisque discs and $6.50 for the glass bottles
 from Oriental Trading Company with free shipping.
The computer ornaments was paid for with eBay bucks, so it was FREE.
I spent $7.10, including shipping on the Oceanic plane.
The rest of the supplies were on-hand, left over from other projects.
I may be LOST, but I am thrifty.  It leaves more $$$ to spend on my
LOST Collection.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

"There Goes the Neighborhood" by Julian Callos

One of the original paintings featured in 
The Bad Robot Art Experience" 
earlier this year was by Julian Callos and
featured Ben and Oceanic 815.

"There Goes the Neighborhood"

He released the image as a print on August 15
to commemorate "815 Day".

The giclee is printed on 100% cotton rag archival paper.
Mr. Callos made the print available in 2 different sizes.  
Mine is 12" x 15".  Both sizes are available here.

I haven't framed the print yet and it is still
in the protective shipping sleeve.
But I will display it with
"No Man is an Island", another LOST/Ben-inspired
giclee print by Mr. Callos from his original painting
 in the LOST Underground Art Project.
I wrote about it here:

The Adventures of Desmond: "And I shall win this race...for love."

...and so the random encounter between Desmond
and Libby upon his arrival to the US yields him a sailboat,
"The Elizabeth" for Widmore's race.

"I thank you Elizabeth. And I shall win this race...for love."

(Mego Claire is standing in as Libby.)

Saturday, October 19, 2013

More LOST Stickers/Decals

I purchased these stickers last year.
They were offered to coincide with the 
two-year anniversary of the LOST Finale.

Each sticker measures 4" x 4" and can be purchased here.


Both are very cool, but I haven't decided where to 
display them. I just rediscovered them, still in the original
mailing sleeve, while cleaning out a drawer. 
I'm really bad about stashing stuff away and forgetting about it.
The upside is the fun of finding LOST Treasures in the most
unexpected places! ie: underwear drawer.....
The stickers will join my other LOST stickers
 in the Stickers/Decal Binder. I may use one on the cover.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

"The Candidates" by Joshua Budich

I've fallen woefully behind on framing the latest additions 
to my LOST Art Collection.
I framed "The Candidates" today.
The artist is Joshua Budich and the print
is a limited edition of 100.  My print is #14/100.

The print measures 18" x 24" and was part of 
The Bad Robot Art Experience at Gallery 1988
earlier this year.

The name and number and each Candidate is included
at the base of each image.

Another element of the print is the inclusive of the Lighthouse. 
It is reminiscent to me of the design by Ian Knight/zort70
the included the names of members of The LOST Args.
I ordered both Tshirt and tote bag versions of the designs.

(I am Candidate #69 and obviously rejected)

The image was also included on a custom poster made for
the LOSTies gathered together for Comic Con 2011 and
residing at "The Barracks".

The Tshirt & tote will accompany me to the 
LOST Reunion in September of 2014.

Friday, October 11, 2013

1:6 Desmond Action Figure

My friend Caleb alerted me to a custom 1:6 Desmond head
for sale on eBay awhile ago.  I don't know the name of the 
sculptor, nor who painted the head.
I purchased the body separately , as well as each of his articles
of clothing. (The blue shirt is a fail.  I bought a white shirt
and dyed it blue, but the type of fabric didn't accept the dye well.)

I call him giant scowling Desmond.
(...especially when compared to my 1:9 Mego-sized
Desmond action figure.)

"Here, mini-me. You're going to need this failsafe key."

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

LOST Inspired Charm Bracelet

I purchased a delightful
LOST-inspired charm bracelet through Lisa W.'s
Etsy store, ShireJewelry.

It contains 8 charms representing elements of LOST: 
Dharma Bagua, Dharma Van, Palm Tree, 
light & dark pearls, airplane, polar bear and bunny.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Office - Panoramic View

I finally upgraded my phone.  (yay!)
I decided to try the panoramic photo feature
at my office.  I need a little practice, but it is pretty cool.
LOST Art everywhere! (and 1 & 1/2 wall not shown!)

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Bonnie-Con: "Intelligence"

I am THRILLED that Josh Holloway is returning
to TV mid-season.  His new show is called
Intelligence and will air on CBS.

My fabulous friend Carol L. and her husband
stood in line at Comic Con for an autographed 
Intelligence poster as a surprise for me!
It arrived about a month ago, but I didn't have
time to buy a frame for it until this week.

The poster measures 11" x 17"
and is signed by Marg Helgenberger, 

Josh Holloway

Megan Ory

 and Executive Producers Tripp Vinson

and Michael Sietzman

I adored Josh Holloway as Sawyer on LOST, but have
to admit I prefer his more clean-cut look for "Intelligence".
The scruff tended to cover up those dimples.

He's a cross between The Six Million Dollar Man
and Chuck and James Bond!!! I CANNOT wait!

The Hollywood Reporter: Damon Lindelof, Rise of the Power Writer

The May 24, 2013 of the Hollywood Reporter
featured Damon Lindelof on the cover, as well as a story 
covering his past, current and future projects. 

You can read interview here.
He's a busy guy! 

I usually read The Hollywood Reporter
online, but HAD to purchase this issue to add 
to my collection.

Monday, September 9, 2013

The Write Environment: Damon Lindelof

I found an awesome DVD interview
with Damon Lindelof during one of my daily
searches for LOST treasures on the internet.

"The Write Environment" includes a series of
in depth interviews with a total of six television writers, 
hosted by Jeffrey Berman. The writes include:
Damon Lindelof, Tim Kring, Phil Rosenthal,
Doug Ellin, Geoff Johns, Marv Wofman, Mark Waid.

I only purchased the Damon Lindelof  DVD, but
I think I would enjoy seeing the others as well.
The interview took place during the filming of
Season 4 of LOST and was held in
Damon Lindelof's office in Building 23.
  It focuses on a writer's
 environment and includes a tour of some of 
Lindelof's memorabilia and the stories behind the treasures.

Series Description:
THE WRITE ENVIRONMENT is a compelling new series that takes us backstage into the here-to unseen world of the writer's room for an intimate one-on-one interview with some of today's most prolific writers. In these in-depth interviews we take a rare look at these diverse writers and uncover what inspires them. From that first idea to the finished script, the writers share their views and stories as we examine their successes, failures and everything in between. As entertaining as it is informative, this series will be of value to fledgling writers and seasoned pros alike as Hollywood's most successful writers reminisce about their careers and discuss their craft.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

ABC 2004 "New Show" Pilots DVDs

I recently acquired the ABC Media Relations 
offering for the 2004/2005 television season.
This was sent to television critics/writers/reviewers
to preview upcoming new shows.


Disc 1
(Desperate Housewives is the only show I am familiar with.) 

Disc 2

Disc 3
(Grey's Anatomy is the only show I've seen from this disc.)

I'm really happy to add this set to my collection.  
Pre-premiere items are so rare.

"Not Penny's Boat" by Jude Buffum

Slowly but surely, I am framing all of the art
I obtained from The Bad Robot Art Experience.

My fabulous framer returned this to me today.
"Not Penny's Boat" by Jude Buffum measures
19.75" x 9" and is a giclee print on canvas.

Awesome video game concept!