Monday, December 9, 2013

LOST Christmas Tree

It's been awhile since I've posted here.
The demands of work and family 
have left little time for anything else.
I've continued to add to my LOST collection though,
so new posts to come shortly.

A few years ago, I purchased a LOST-themed ornament
for my Christmas tree. I was a little disappointed
as the Dharma Bagua was printed off-center.
 I paid around $12 for it.

Another LOST-themed ornament was destroyed
by Sawyer (the cat) claiming the Christmas tree
as his personal playground.

I decided to make a few additional LOST-themed
ornaments this year. As with most things LOST-related,
I got carried away and the end result was an entire
tree dedicated to LOST.

I began with 12 blank bisque discs purchased
from Oriental Trading Company for $17/dozen.
My injet print + decal paper + Mod Podge =
12 custom LOST ornaments!

I next decided to put my LOST-themed cookie cutters to use.
I made a dough of flour, water and salt, rolled it out
 and cut out the shapes.  I baked the flour "cookies"
for 1 hour and then cooled and painted.
I used nail polish that I get for cheap or free (with coupons)
 throughout the year. It makes for a much nicer finish than
regular acrylic paint. It also makes the ornaments A LOT
less fragile.

I made THE NUMBERS from six different colors of
 craft foam suspended on coordinating curling ribbon.

I filled 6 little vials with sand from the LOSTie Beach Camp.
(sent to me by a friend between Season 5 and 6)

 I purchased a computer ornament on eBay and
embellished it just a bit.

 I found a cute little Oceanic plane on Etsy.

I am thrilled with the results! The tree topper is the Hatch door
from my Swan Station Playset. The garlands are made from
shell leis saved from a 2001 trip to Hawaii.

Bad Robot is wearing my Yorkies's Santa hat.

The total cost for my tree was only $40.59 plus tax.
The tree came from an Ace Hardware one-day special for $9.99,
with free ship-to-store.
I spent $17 for the bisque discs and $6.50 for the glass bottles
 from Oriental Trading Company with free shipping.
The computer ornaments was paid for with eBay bucks, so it was FREE.
I spent $7.10, including shipping on the Oceanic plane.
The rest of the supplies were on-hand, left over from other projects.
I may be LOST, but I am thrifty.  It leaves more $$$ to spend on my
LOST Collection.

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