Monday, April 29, 2013

Oops! I Did It Again......

The Bad Robot Art Experience 
opened at Gallery 1988 West 
in Los Angeles this past 
Friday night, April 26.

A show featuring Bad Robot-themed art? 
Everyone who knows me knows
that LOST is my "crack"....
But I am a huge fan of ALL things
Bad Robot.

My travel budget for the next year and a half
is allocated to the 10 year reunion
of the LOST premiere taking place
in Hawaii, September 2014. attending the show in person was not an option.

But I had an awesome poster buddy
who attended the show and purchased
my "MUST-HAVE" prints.
@Nerderific/Amy B. outdid herself,
getting FOUR LOST prints
and a Bad Robot print!!!
(more about each print when they arrive and I have them framed)

Gallery 1988 made online sales available
late Saturday afternoon
and I couldn't resist adding to the haul.
I purchased the print used in the promo poster:
The Bad Robot Experience by Brandon Rike

umm, I went back to the Gallery 1988 
online store on Sunday and made another purchase:
Lonely Robot by Anonymous Ink & Idea:

Okay, I'm done buying art from the show...
I think I am.
Maybe not?
Maybe it's time for an intervention?

Yeah, I bought more....

and more

and still more...

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Autographed LOST Encyclopedia

I participated in the
Cancer Gets LOST auction
last fall. I bid on a lot of things and
was lucky enough to win 5 items.
I've already posted about 4 of the 5:

The final item I won in the auction is an 
autographed LOST Encyclopedia.

Both the inside cover... 

...and title page are autographed by cast members,
and writers and producers of LOST.

The LOST Encyclopedia is near and dear to my heart.
I even created a blog to match up items in my LOST Collection
with the encyclopedia entries.

Jo Garfein and Jared Wong, 
the administrators and founders of Cancer Gets LOST, 
lugged a stack of the LOST Encyclopedia 
across multiple cities and states for the signings.
I couldn't be more grateful and appreciative!

  the entries...
I used Cancer Gets LOST signing photos when available.
Several of the entries are illustrated with segment videos 
from the Cancer Gets LOST podcast. 

Inside Cover:
Eric Lange (Stuart Radzinsky)

(used with permission of Cancer Gets LOST)

Andrea Gabriel (Noor "Nadia" Abed Jaseem"

Sterling Beaumon (young Ben Linus)

(used with the permission of Cancer Gets LOST)

Jorge Garcia (Hugo "Hurley" Reyes)

Neil Hopkins (Liam Pace)

Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet Burke)

(used with the permission of Cancer Gets LOST)

Sam Anderson (Bernard Nadler)

L. Scott Caldwell (Rose Henderson Nadler)

 Daniel Roebuck (Dr. Leslie Arzt)

Carlton Cuse  

(used with the permission of Cancer gets LOST)

Edward Kitsis

Adam Horowitz

(used with the permission of Cancer Gets LOST)

Elizabeth Sarnoff
(signature very light)

Note: Editor/Director Mark Goldman also appears in this segment of the podcast.
I cannot how express how kind and generous he is. 
Future post will detail his high level of awesomeness. 
(Hint: Edit of an episode of OUAT dedicated to me...written proof!)

 Damon Lindelof

Gregg Nations

Javier Grillo-Marxuach

(This is probably is coolest-looking autograph of anyone
associated with LOST imho.)

Last, but certainly not least.....
Bookplate signed by the authors of the LOST Encyclopedia
Tara Bennett and Paul Terry

I hold all of the individuals who signed my autographed
copy of The LOST Encyclopedia in high esteem and regard.
Their talent, creativity and vision contributed
to what I will always consider

Special thanks to Jo and Jared. 
I am so honored to call them my friends.

Friday, April 26, 2013

DESMOND Photo Canvas!!!

I am a great believer in using coupons and discount codes
whenever possible. The more money I save, the
more money I have to add to my LOST collection!

I came across a deal recently that added
a "Desmond" photo canvas to my collection for 
only the cost of shipping! 

The canvas measures 8" x 10"
and features a nice beach shot of
Henry Ian Cusick/Desmond
in the familiar blue shirt.

It certainly brightens up my office. :)

Sunday, April 14, 2013

"She Loves LOST - Get Her a Polar Bear!"

My family and friends know it a sure-fire WIN 
to give me something LOST-related
at Christmas, my birthday, Mother's Day, etc.

Polar bears have been a popular choice.
I purchased my first "Dharma" polar bear
about three years ago. 

You can read about him here:

I also purchased a 1:9 scale polar bear to accompany 
LOST Mego Figures in their assorted adventures.

I participated in a Geeky Gift Exchange during Christmas 2011.
My gift was this adorable hand-crocheted polar bear, 
complete with Dharma Collar.

just look at that face!

This past Christmas, a Webkinz polar bear
magically appeared in my stocking.

(Santa is slipping - no Dharma collar!)

My most recent polar bear is actually a hat
with built-in mittens. Sawyer (the cat) loves to
swat at the polar bear paws, continuing
to prove that Sawyer and polar bears do not get along.
Here is my polar bear hat, modeled by 
Buster, my life-sized sock monkey.

The other polar bear items in my collection 
can be seen here:

LOST Prop - Carved Wooden Dish

I've previously posted about
some of the LOST background props 
and set dressing items I've purchased.
Another of the items is a carved wooden plate.

I haven't been able to determine the episode/location
that the plate appeared as yet. 
I honestly have tried to watch LOST to locate my prop collection, 
but always get caught up in the story. And that's that.

The plate came with a Certificate of Authenticity
but it is packed away and I am too lazy to go digging. 
Maybe later.

I made a conscious effort to buy items that I could display
throughout my house. The plate is currently
displayed on one end of the TV console cabinet
in my LOST room.

TV Guide 60th Anniversary Issue: Collector Cover - LOST

There were 6 Collector Covers available of the
TV Guide 60th Anniversary issue,
each one representing a decade.
I Love Lucy - The 1950's
Star Trek - The 1960's
The Mary Tyler Moore Show - The 1970's
The Bill Cosby Show - The 1980's
The Simpsons - The 1990's
LOST - The 2000's
A centerfold poster in the issue
included all 6 covers.

A little information insert about LOST appears
on the back of the centerfold poster.

I've often said that the LOST community
are some of the most generous and caring people 
you'll ever meet.

Case in point - I went to FIFTEEN
stores trying to locate the 
Matthew Fox cover of the issue with no success.
 My friend @Tess315 saw my whiny
tweet about my failure and offered to send the issue to me!
She had located one! Awesome! 

Something about the cover photo nagged at me...
(other than the profusion of Matthew Fox's now non-existent
chest hair)
The I realized why the photo seemed so familiar...
It appeared on the February 5, 2005 
cover of TV Guide!
That issue featured six LOST Collector covers.
I posted about them here:

I have diligently collected and saved
every issue of TV Guide and Entertainment Weekly
featuring a LOST cover.
(or even article, for that matter)
I am something of a "complete-ist",
so I am very grateful to Teresa
for making it possible to add the most recent LOST
cover to my collection.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Video Business Magazine - June 27, 2005

This issue of Video Business Magazine
heralds the release of the LOST Season 1 DVDs.

A two page ad appears inside the front cover.

There is a small article as well.

And here's another look at my Season One DVDs, including
the cast autographed sleeve: