Sunday, April 14, 2013

"She Loves LOST - Get Her a Polar Bear!"

My family and friends know it a sure-fire WIN 
to give me something LOST-related
at Christmas, my birthday, Mother's Day, etc.

Polar bears have been a popular choice.
I purchased my first "Dharma" polar bear
about three years ago. 

You can read about him here:

I also purchased a 1:9 scale polar bear to accompany 
LOST Mego Figures in their assorted adventures.

I participated in a Geeky Gift Exchange during Christmas 2011.
My gift was this adorable hand-crocheted polar bear, 
complete with Dharma Collar.

just look at that face!

This past Christmas, a Webkinz polar bear
magically appeared in my stocking.

(Santa is slipping - no Dharma collar!)

My most recent polar bear is actually a hat
with built-in mittens. Sawyer (the cat) loves to
swat at the polar bear paws, continuing
to prove that Sawyer and polar bears do not get along.
Here is my polar bear hat, modeled by 
Buster, my life-sized sock monkey.

The other polar bear items in my collection 
can be seen here:

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