Sunday, April 14, 2013

TV Guide 60th Anniversary Issue: Collector Cover - LOST

There were 6 Collector Covers available of the
TV Guide 60th Anniversary issue,
each one representing a decade.
I Love Lucy - The 1950's
Star Trek - The 1960's
The Mary Tyler Moore Show - The 1970's
The Bill Cosby Show - The 1980's
The Simpsons - The 1990's
LOST - The 2000's
A centerfold poster in the issue
included all 6 covers.

A little information insert about LOST appears
on the back of the centerfold poster.

I've often said that the LOST community
are some of the most generous and caring people 
you'll ever meet.

Case in point - I went to FIFTEEN
stores trying to locate the 
Matthew Fox cover of the issue with no success.
 My friend @Tess315 saw my whiny
tweet about my failure and offered to send the issue to me!
She had located one! Awesome! 

Something about the cover photo nagged at me...
(other than the profusion of Matthew Fox's now non-existent
chest hair)
The I realized why the photo seemed so familiar...
It appeared on the February 5, 2005 
cover of TV Guide!
That issue featured six LOST Collector covers.
I posted about them here:

I have diligently collected and saved
every issue of TV Guide and Entertainment Weekly
featuring a LOST cover.
(or even article, for that matter)
I am something of a "complete-ist",
so I am very grateful to Teresa
for making it possible to add the most recent LOST
cover to my collection.

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  1. You are most welcome Bonnie. It was a pleasure to help you continue to complete your LOST collection. -Teresa