Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Original LOST "Message in a Bottle"

.....and speaking of Messages in a Bottle (last post)

I first saw a photo of a promotional "Message in a Bottle"
nine and a half years ago.
I don't know how many bottles washed up on beaches
to promote the premiere of LOST,
but I have been in search of one ever since seeing that photo.
The bottle had a single word printed on the outside
and held a special message inside.
I missed out on a few chances over the years 
to obtain a bottle due to pricing. 
I just couldn't justify spending that much money. 
But FINALLY, price, circumstance and obsession came together! 
It originally was found in Long Beach, CA.

The bottle is displayed in a shadow box along with
some other priceless LOST-related bottles.
(You can read about the Message in a Bottle on far right here.)

Posts about the other items in the shadow box coming up soon!