Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Constant Tshirt

This is the second "Constant" Tshirt by jimiyo
 that I have purchased. 

The first was a TeeFury offering in dark blue.
It has long since been worn out. 
(I love Desmond and it was my shirt of choice at 
least once a week.)

The design is available in a variety of styles and colors 
in jimiyo's RedBubble store

Ben Linus, "Dude", and WWJLD are also available. 

Oceanic Lapel Pin

I previously posted a photo of the 
shadowbox that contains a lot of my small
LOST memorabilia. 

Oceanic Airlines pilot wings and a 1" Oceanic button
can be seen in the upper right hand corner.

I recently purchased an Oceanic lapel pin to
add to the display.