Monday, April 29, 2013

Oops! I Did It Again......

The Bad Robot Art Experience 
opened at Gallery 1988 West 
in Los Angeles this past 
Friday night, April 26.

A show featuring Bad Robot-themed art? 
Everyone who knows me knows
that LOST is my "crack"....
But I am a huge fan of ALL things
Bad Robot.

My travel budget for the next year and a half
is allocated to the 10 year reunion
of the LOST premiere taking place
in Hawaii, September 2014. attending the show in person was not an option.

But I had an awesome poster buddy
who attended the show and purchased
my "MUST-HAVE" prints.
@Nerderific/Amy B. outdid herself,
getting FOUR LOST prints
and a Bad Robot print!!!
(more about each print when they arrive and I have them framed)

Gallery 1988 made online sales available
late Saturday afternoon
and I couldn't resist adding to the haul.
I purchased the print used in the promo poster:
The Bad Robot Experience by Brandon Rike

umm, I went back to the Gallery 1988 
online store on Sunday and made another purchase:
Lonely Robot by Anonymous Ink & Idea:

Okay, I'm done buying art from the show...
I think I am.
Maybe not?
Maybe it's time for an intervention?

Yeah, I bought more....

and more

and still more...

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