Saturday, October 20, 2012

"When did I do that? Why did I scratch you?" by drMikey

I recently participated in the 
Cancer Gets LOST Auction.
One of the items that I bid on and won
is this custom painting
by drMikey aka Mike Stanton.
The painting is titled
"When did I do that? Why did I scratch you?"
and features Claire.
(screencap used with the permission of Cancer Gets LOST)

The painting is numbered #4/5 
and measures 16" x 20".
It came with a Certificate of Authenticity.
This is the seventh painting of
"Harmonic Resonance Project"
that I am fortunate enough to own.
The other six paintings include Jin & Sun,
Jack, Sawyer, Boone & Shannon.

The image is also included in 
"I Will Always Be LOST, 
I Will Never Be LOST Again".

The painting of Claire is currently
hanging in my office. She has been
reunited with her half-brother.

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