Tuesday, October 30, 2012

LOST ACEO Cards by ArtGUS - Part 2

The LOST portrait sketches
by Augustin Iglesias, aka
were recently made available 
as ACEO cards in the 
LOST Investment Series. 

I purchased the cards individually in eBay auctions.
The cards contain the same portraits that illustrated 
LOST Identity by Pearson Moore.

The previous post contains the 
cards and illustrations through 
Chapter 10.

Chapter 11
Charlie - The Martyr

My card is #2/15 

Chapter 12 
Danielle Rousseau - The Mother

My card is #2/15.

Chapter 13
Sun and Jin - The Perfect Example

My card is #2/15 

Chapter 14
Hurley - The Priest

My car is #2/15. 

Chapter 15
Sayid - The Saint

My card is #2/15. 

Chapter 16
Jack - The Saviour

I purchased a Jack card, but sent it to a friend. 
I'll get another when one is listed in an auction.
Card now acquired!

My card is #5/15 

Chapter 17
Desmond - The Seer

My card is #2/15. 

Chapter 18
John Locke - The Shaman

My card is #3/15. 

Chapter 19
Christian Shephard - The White Rabbit 

My card is #2/15 

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