Wednesday, October 17, 2012

An Anniversary - of sorts anyway

Tomorrow marks the three year anniversary 
of my first post on this blog.
But, except for two posts requesting LOSTie involvement 
for Cancer Gets LOST,
I haven't posted anything for almost a year.

The past twelve months presented me
with several extreme challenges 
and the loss of loved ones.
I was ill-equipped to deal with most of it
so denial and isolation
became my closest companions.
Always LOST.
Time and perspective have eased the grief and despair
so - I'm back.

My collection is ever expanding
and I continue to surround myself at home and at work
with LOST art and memorabilia.
I will be sharing the new additions to my collection
in the coming weeks and months.
There are some awesome additions!!!

I only just discovered that a lot
of LOSTies have visited both this blog
I was updating earlier posts and
saw on Google overview that there
have been over 93,000 page views
combined between both blogs.

Even if it was only one person visiting 93,000
times, I am grateful that someone was
interested in my version of Show and Tell.
Thanks. :)

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