Saturday, September 14, 2013

Bonnie-Con: "Intelligence"

I am THRILLED that Josh Holloway is returning
to TV mid-season.  His new show is called
Intelligence and will air on CBS.

My fabulous friend Carol L. and her husband
stood in line at Comic Con for an autographed 
Intelligence poster as a surprise for me!
It arrived about a month ago, but I didn't have
time to buy a frame for it until this week.

The poster measures 11" x 17"
and is signed by Marg Helgenberger, 

Josh Holloway

Megan Ory

 and Executive Producers Tripp Vinson

and Michael Sietzman

I adored Josh Holloway as Sawyer on LOST, but have
to admit I prefer his more clean-cut look for "Intelligence".
The scruff tended to cover up those dimples.

He's a cross between The Six Million Dollar Man
and Chuck and James Bond!!! I CANNOT wait!

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