Saturday, March 12, 2011

Fun With LOST Megos: Dharma Chef Hurley

The Hurley figure from Bif Bang Pow! is constructed 
in such a way that I had to make compromises in 
dressing him in his Dharma jumpsuit.

Hurley's girth is derived form a small pillow sewn
into the blue Tshirt he came dressed in.
A similar, but smaller pillow is sewn into
the plaid pajama pants to pad his hiney.

I couldn't figure out a way to make a jumpsuit for
Hurley, incorporating his existing wardrobe for
proper padding (that didn't make him look pregnant),
so I went the easy route and ordered 
a Mego "fat body" sized jumpsuit from 
Theressa, the Mego Museum seamstress.

I purchased a "fat body" from 
and popped Hurley's head on it.

.....but this presented an additional issue.
The skin tone for LOST Megos is much lighter
than the original and reproduction Megos.
I wasn't as concerned about the hands, but
the discrepancy was very apparent at the neckline.
 So Hurley has a dickey. 

I added the pocket personalization and 
Dharma chef logo to the jumpsuit with
iron-on transfers. I added brown shoes, 
also from CTVT


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