Sunday, March 27, 2011

Framed! "Polar Bear" by Jay Ryan

Polar Bear was the 15th print released in 
The LOST Underground Art Project, Series 1.
I am so grateful to my friend, Karen Wikander,
 for obtaining it for me. I was seriously injured
the weekend it was released and she stepped
in as an amazing "poster buddy".

I framed it some time ago, but only just realized 
I had not posted it before now.

My print is #241/300

Just for Fun...
I placed my Mego-scaled polar bear in the high grass
(aka a clump of leaves from some spring bulbs)
in a similar pose to the print.


  1. A memorable day to be sure, Bonnie. I love the way DCaaPB posters tell our personal stories as well as LOST ones. You're going to get a chance to meet your poster buddy this summer!

  2. Yay! and we're roomies! But you're right, so many wonderful memories (and people) are associated with the DCaaPB prints.