Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fun With LOST Megos: The Purge

I have had so much fun with customizing my 
Ben Linus LOST Mego. There is such a
wealth of costume changes for him on and off island.

I knew I wanted to include "The Purge"
when customizing him.

The jumpsuit was made by Mego Museum 
seamtress Theressa. I added the pocket
personalization with an iron-on transfer.

The gas mask was purchased on eBay. It was
described as a "child-sized" for a 1:6 scale figure.
It was the closest thing I could find to fit 1:9 scale 
so I trimmed it down and shortened the straps to
fit Ben properly. The bag was another eBay purchase,
a binocular bag for a 1:6 figure, but was the perfect 
size for a LOST Mego.

I found the gas cannister by following one of the links
It was also intended for a 1:6 scale figure, but was
correct size for the death gas Ben used on his father.

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