Monday, June 7, 2010

LOST Live, The Final Celebration - Program

Thanks to the generosity of my LOSTie friends,
Amy/Nerderific/Team Jack and Alice/comixguru,
I am now in posession of copies of the LOST Live Program.
LOST Live, The Final Celebration
featured a live performance of the music of LOST,
conducted by composer Michael Giancchino.
Many cast members appeared as well.
The program cover features a design by Kevin Tong.
He also designed three variations of a LOST Live screen print.
(see blog entry: LOST Underground Art Project - Part Deux from Saturday, May 15, 2010)

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  1. got this the other day with the boarding pass ticket, very cool...also got the 3 prints by kevin tong...i must admit i would have thought they would be sold out by now since they were only limited to 300 prints each, but they are still up on the tyson/givens site.

  2. I'm surprised the prints haven't sold out as well. My print of Jack is #295/300, so I imagine it's getting close to sellout. I think releasing a print a day, instead of one a week limited number of buyers. I'm very grateful to my friends for thinking of me since I couldn't attend the Lost Live event.