Thursday, May 19, 2011

Rittenhouse LOST Relic Trading Cards

Rittenhouse released its third set of LOST Trading cards May 11.
It is an awesome set, containing 8 autograph cards, 
30 wardrobe cards, and relic cards featuring signage for 
both Mr. Cluck's Chicken Shack and a piece of Oceanic 815.

I still haven't acquired all of the cards from the Rittenhouse
LOST Seasons 1-5 and LOST Archive sets, but am only
missing a couple of cards from each set. The search for the 
missing cards at the right price is half the fun though.

I ordered two packages of the new LOST Relic cards
to keep me pacified for the time being. They are pricey, each 
pack runs about $50 and contains 1 autograph card
and 3 relic or costume cards.

The first pack yielded a jackpot!
Damon Lindelof Autograph card, Rose Nadler Costume card,
Naomi Dorrit Costume card & Miles Straume costume card.

Rose #257/350
This costume piece is from the LOST Finale "The End".

Naomi #324/350
This costume piece is from the Season 3 episode "Catch-22"
and conains a piece of Naomi's parachute suit.

Miles #229/350
This costume card is from the Season 5 episode
"Some Like It Hoth", and features Miles sweater.
5x13 Pierced Miles.png

The next post will feature the cards from package two.

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  1. do you still need archive and 1-5 singles? i have some....