Thursday, August 25, 2011

Friends are the BEST Gift, But Presents are Great Too!

This is my friend Rob. He is AWESOME.
(photo courtesy Bonnie Green)

(He is also very tall and calm, the exact opposite of
short, spastic me.)

Rob is a LOSTie as well, and was one of my
housemates at The Barracks.
He has an amazing collection of LOST
memorabilia, he purchased quite a few items
from the Official LOST Auction. 
Rob is also quite the wordsmith,
and his blog entries are always
informative and entertaining:

Rob approached me during the LOSTie
party at The Barracks, stating he had
a surprise for me. A short time later, he brought out one
of the screen-worn "Juliet shirts" he had purchased
during the LOST Auction....

Juliet fan, Jo Garfein enjoyed the moment
(photo courtesy Bonnie Green)
Note: Rob is also the person responsible for my twitter
avatar. He photographed my Head-on-a-Stick
wearing the other Juliet shirt from his auction lot.

I thought the opportunity to actually hold Juliet's shirt
was the surprise. I was WRONG-O.
A few days later, Rob presented me 
with an intriguing package.

The package was heavy for its size.
 I opened it and could make out a curious
shape beneath the bubble wrap.

 SURPRISE! It was one of Jin's handcuffs
from the lot that Rob purchased from the 
LOST Auction.

 You can read all about the handcuff lot here:

It was so cool to hold and handle the handcuff,
it was the first time I had ever held one.
I was surprised by the weight and thanked
my Miss Goody-Two-Shoes mentality that I
have never been arrested.

Like the Juliet shirt, I assumed that Rob brought
the handcuff simply for the purpose of sharing
some of his LOST props with his friends in person.
I was WRONG-O again!

Rob gifted the handcuff to me. For ME! TO KEEP!
Just wow! I was, and am still overwhelmed with his generosity.
The first thing I did upon arrival home
(after kissing the kid and dog)
was to properly frame the handcuff 
for display in a shadowbox.

It is one of my most prized pieces of
LOST memorabilia - not only because
it is so freaking AWESOME,
but also because is is also a symbol
of the amazing friendships I have made
through LOST.

Thank you, Rob. You are my hero.


  1. That is so cool!! What an awesome and amazing present!!

  2. Wow, that is such an awesome story!!! It def makes a great addition to your LOST collection. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Fantastic! Generously given and richly deserved.