Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The LOSTie Party: Memories and Keepsakes

The LOSTie party was a joint effort by the residents
of The Barracks to celebrate LOST
and gather together as friends and fans.

Guests to the party received an amazing invitation
and instruction letter by mail about a month prior to the event.
Lottery Ticket was the mastermind/leader of the group/organizer 
to the entire event. She made all of  the arrangements for 
The Barracks and created the best invitation
I have ever received.

The envelope gave a hint to the level of
awesomeness it contained:

Rob Perrin was responsible for editing and finessing
the accompanying letter from Castro Blareski.
(obviously an alias)

a post-it note attached to the letter 
provided additional information.

MEL and Kiwilostie were the primary
chefs/cook/grillmasters for the dinner.
I missed the beginning of the party since I was
still at Preview Night at Comic Con,
But I can attest that my late dinner was
terrific and the spread was impressive.

CaliPH was the official photographer.
I can't wait to see his photos!
He is traveling for his job right now, so it will
be a couple of weeks before he returns home
and can post the pictures

Scoupost contributed leis
for the guests. You can't celebrate LOST
without a nod to Hawaii!

Comixguru made the nametags
for the event. Many of us had never met in person
and it made for an easy way to identify people
whose online icon gave no clue as to what they
looked like in real life.

The Barracks symbol on the nametag
was designed by Lottery Ticket and can also
be seen on the instruction letter above.

Chris L had custom mugs made as keepsakes
 with iconic images from LOST - a different
image on each mug. 
John Locke's orange slice smile
decorates mine.

Zort70 made awesome 
Pinky and The Brain/LOST mashup
placards and refrigerator magnets
for the event.

JST_THINKING made amazing
bookmarks that were included in the party favor bags.
The stained glass effect is incredible 
and the bookmark is just beautiful.

I made some little mementos of
an "Evening at The Barracks"
that were comprised of backgammon pieces,
one light,one dark.

(The flip side of the light backgammon piece 
reads: SDCC 2011. The tag contains Christian's words
to Jack in the Sanctuary from the LOST Finale.)

JST_THINKING also recreated
Hurley's Golf course flag and
guests at the LOSTie party 
participated in a putting contest....

...in addition to Jo Garfein's LOST Trivia.

Guests were subjected to an orientation film
and "testing" upon arrival to the party.
The Orientation Film was made by Ben Murphy.
The film was fantastic if not a little
creepy and the testing left me traumatized.
But it was all very cool.

Prizes were awarded for the testing and the party games,
contributed by various members of the group.

The three guests who attended the party in costume
were each awarded one of the LOST Live screen prints
by Kevin Tong. Patrick McKinley
attended in Dharma Khaki shirt and shorts,
and Jared Wong and David Hanson wore Dharma jumpsuits.
They are pictured below with Jo Garfein.

Kevin Tong's original sketches for The Hatch print
were presented to Lottery Ticket by the residents
of The Barracks in appreciation for all of her efforts in
coordinating EVERYTHING.

Thanks to Scoutpost for coordinating the
the purchase of the gift with Kevin Tong
and to Bonnie Green for picking up the 
sketches in Los Angeles and transporting them to San Diego.
Scoutpost also commissioned a fantastic card
that was presented to Lottery Ticket signed by all of 
the residents of The Barracks.

We presented Jo Garfein with
"The Hatch Painting" print by Jack Bender
in appreciation for being a LOST champion
extraordinaire and leading the LOST Trivia.

Party favor bags were distributed to party guests as they left 
The Barracks. (A special thanks to Nate Duval for
allowing me to use an image from his print "The Barracks" 
on buttons and stickers for the party favor bags.
 Also thanks to Chris L for designing the lettering
on the logo. I don't know how to do any of that
sort of thing, so am very grateful for the contribution)

Components of the bag included 
a magnet

iron-on transfers featuring Lottery Ticket's 
Barracks design

Dharma Swan temporary tattoos

a Barracks pencil

a Barracks memo clip

a Barracks button/pin

a "non-functioning" toy compass
(you can't be LOST if the compass works)

JST_THINKING's bookmark

All in all, it was a night to remember and
memories to cherish forever were created.
The residents of The Barracks are the greatest
group of friends anyone could ask for
virtually and in real life!
Mary Jane C.
Bonnie G.
Paul H.
Fiona K.
Ian K.
Charles L.
Chris L.
Mike L.
Alice L.
Paul M.
Rob P.
Mary Ann S.
Justin S.

Honorary Residents
(included in all Barracks activities, but staying offsite)
Sue H.
Sam H.
Patrick M.
(Pat was the pallet drop master,
accepting all of the MANY shipments
to San Diego prior to the group's arrival.
His dining room quickly filled up packages, parcels 
and poster tubes. He cheerfully transported all of
the Dharma Drops to The Barracks.
 I hear he also makes a mean jambalaya.)

Also thanks to all of the guests of the LOSTie party.
It was wonderful meeting you all.

I hope to add more photos from the party to this post,
but want to respect the wishes of those who don't want
to be publicly identified by name. I'm still in the
process of obtaining permission from The Barracks
residents and party guests.

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  1. Awesome post! Love "you can't be lost if the compass works." Good stuff. Also I really appreciate learning who to thank for each of the cool and original LOST items brought to The Barracks. Those mementos will stay with me always.