Sunday, August 21, 2011

Saturday (Not) at Comic-Con: Cowboys and Aliens World Premiere

 Early Saturday morning, Bonnie, Scoutpost and I 
boarded the #8 bus (LOST connection!!!)
just down the block from The Barracks
to make our way to the line for the
Cowboys and Aliens World Premiere.

The information sheet indicated that the
line formed at ten, which translated to:
  people were probably already in line at dawn.

A transfer from the bus to the trolley and
a short time later we were just blocks away from
what would be a very long wait.
There were already about 6-8 in line ahead 
of us.  Some of our housemates arrived
a bit later and joined us for a photo op.
(photo courtesy Bonnie Green)

Hours and hours later, we began to be admitted 
into the "staging area" in groups of 5.
Security was thorough: our bags inspected,
bodies scanned, and IDs checked.
We were each given a wristband-
my was gold, which indicated I was
of legal age to consume alcohol at the after-party.
(note: waaaaay old enough)
The "staging area" was a huge ballroom-sized area.
It would be our home for the next 7+ hours.

Refreshments in the form of soft drinks and 
Teriyaki Jerky - huh? were provided for us.

The room continued to fill.....
(photo courtesy Bonnie Green) preparations were made outside for the arrival of the stars 
(photo courtesy Scoutpost)

We spent the time chatting, charging our phones, reading,
a lot of wandering around - I can't sit still for that long.

Finally were were led through the doors.... 
(photo courtesy LOST_4815162342)

and onto the red carpet to enter the theater.
(photo courtesy LOST_4815162342)

Bonnie, Scoutpost and I posed briefly on the red carpet.
I offered a little homecoming queen wave to our
adoring fans.
(photo courtesy Bonnie Green)

Our little group was among the first in line,
so we were given first choice in seating
once inside the theater. A large section was 
marked "Reserved", and we chose the first row
adjacent to the VIP section.
(phot courtesy Bonnie Green)

(photo courtesy Bonnie Green)

It was all so exciting! I tend to bounce like a human 
Bobble-Head out of enthusiasm 
and I almost spilled
the complimentary popcorn and drink.

We watched the red carpet arrivals streaming 
live on the screen and as the theater began filling with VIPS.

I almost gave myself whiplash looking around for
celebrities.  They were EVERYWHERE!!!
Grant Bowler aka Captain Gault of the Kahana
on LOST was seated two rows directly behind me.
Rob McElhenney aka Aldo of the Others on LOST
was seated across the aisle.

The lights dimmed and Jon Favreau took the stage and
began introducing the cast and those associated with
the film. I cannot express the overwhelming
thrill it was to have the idols of my childhood, teens,
on the stage LIVE in front of me.
I took a few photos with my iPhone 
(cameras were not allowed)
the Stars....
Daniel Craig! Harrison Ford! Olivia Wilde!
The Executive Producers....
Steven Spielberg! Ron Howard!
The Writers....
Damon Lindelof! Bob Orci! Alex Kurtman!
The Co-Stars....
Keith Carradine! Clancy Brown!
so many more.
I left out a ton of people -
full cast info here:

Damon Lindelof was seated about 5 rows behind 
our group just before the move started. 
He joined Adam Horowitz and a few others.

The movie was fantastic - though it was difficult to 
concentrate at times, knowing that so many of my 
idols were seated just feet/yards away.
(I saw it again a few days after returning home
to catch everything I missed in my starstruck coma)

Following the movie, I seized an opportunity
to speak to Damon Lindelof in the lobby.
(I had just exited the restroom as he was passing by)
Lame-o me tapped him on the shoulder and
said some stupid fan-gushing nonsense.
He was very gracious and did not
call security. 
But damn! I get so overwhelmed,
I always forget to ask for photo.

A fabulously catered after-party was held
in the courtyard just outside the theater and
we were treated to a variety of food stations, 
an open bar and music.
(photo courtesy Patrick McKinley)

(photo courtesy Bonnie Green)

Most of the celebrities left immediately after the 
screening to attend other parties/events.
But a few stayed and mingled.

I spotted Grant Bowler and his friends just a few
feet away. My friend Bonnie was brave enough
to approach him and posed for a photo.

But I chickened out of photo op.
 He was so incredibly good looking and I am an idiot. 
My friend Mib saved the day and had him sign my sketchbook
 He returned it to me and kissed my right cheek. Swoon!
I am fine with regular autograph session, 
but prospect of approaching celebrities in 
social settings is daunting to me.
So I am extremely grateful to Mib for her
courage and to Grant Bowler for being  so
understanding and kind to this fangirl.

We had a wonderful time at the party.
I even danced!
(and there is proof in form of
 an incriminating video floating around the 
world wide web somewhere.)

Postscript - I forgot to mention that
premiere attendees received a 
Cowboys and Aliens go-cup
after the movie. They were
out of the nicer, covered travel cups
by the time I claimed mine.
I chose the holographic
Harrison Ford giant Slurpee cup....

I later made the trip to a 7-11 to pick
up the Daniel Craig

and Olivia Wilde cups.

(I wanted the complete set.)
Earlier in the week, 
LOST_4815162342 purchased
a light-up wrist blaster cup for me.

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