Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Decorating The Barracks - Part 2 (The Stained Glass Numbers)

I really admired zort70/Ian Knight's design 
incorporating the LOST Numbers & the stained glass window 
seen in the LOST finale.
I have it set as the lockscreen of my iPhone.

I had one of my slightly crazy ideas to use the design 
to decorate The Barracks.
I contacted Ian about modifying and enlarging it - A LOT-
to be used on a window cling to greet
guests entering The Barracks.

(photo courtesy Patrick McKinley)

 The window cling was ordered in dimensions
that just happened to fit my kitchen door 
window for use after Comic Con.

The taller members of our group applied the window cling
to a large picture window on the corner condo unit.
The result was spectacular.
(photo courtesy Rob Perrin)

(photo courtesy Rob Perrin)

Quite a few pedestrians passing by The Barracks
stopped to comment on the window cling.
Most of them recognized the numbers as 
being from LOST, but a few questioned
if our group was a religious sect. (hahahaha)

Sad Postscript: The window cling was damaged
while I attempted to remove it when it was time to
vacate The Barracks. So it ended up in the trash
instead of on my kitchen door window.
I do plan on reordering ASAP.

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